Chocolate Awareness

This week for Chocolate Awareness we’re going to check out this candy bar by Perla Chocolates called No.5 (a.k.a. Milk Chocolate with roasted almonds). Mister brought this one home for me from Whole Foods because he thought I’d like the wrapper and he was right on. Look how gorgeous it is! This is hand-printed letterpress paper. I’m such a sucker for packaging (and darling fonts!)

OK, shut up about the wrapper Jennie! How did it taste? Meh. Nothing great. The chocolate was nice but not anything to write home about. It claims to be milk but it definitely wasn’t as creamy and sweet as I expect milk chocolate to be. The amount of almonds was skimpy and they were in tiny pieces to boot (tiny pieces mean you can barely tell they’re there). I’ve derived more satisfaction from a chocolate-almond Hershey’s kiss. How sad is that?

Here’s the ultimate proof of how lackluster I thought this chocolate bar was: I only ate half and gave the rest to my kids.

Maybe the other Perla bars are better, but I’m not about to waste $6 to find out.

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4 thoughts on “Chocolate Awareness

  1. POVRECITO! Having to give your pricey choco to the kids, Philistines all, who wouldn’t know it from a Tootsie Roll!

    I’d ask you to test some dark chocolate for me, but I know you already give it a -5 rating. However, for those of you who LOVE dark chocolate, I suggest Dove Dark Chocolate bar for a cheap but excellent candidate. And the Ambrosia chocolate chips from Utah Costco are even better!

    So there I sit, after the mandatory work of the day is done, with my quarter-cup of Ambrosia chocolate chips and my good book, enjoying life to the FULLEST!

  2. 1st – OT – can someone email me, please – got few, promise few, questions on food storage – HELP!!!

    ABOUT THE CHOCOLATE – I am the dark chocolate person! But I am amazed – My husband does more chocolate in one week than i could do in a year!
    he’s dark chocolate too
    Dove bar, dark, definately!

  3. Oh I do think that is very eye catching wrapping. I love that it is letterpress paper, nice.

    Too bad about the taste, such a waste. I do think it is funny that if you are unsatisfied with it you just hand it over to the kids.

    I was also in Whole Foods the other day getting my favorite sandwich and I was looking for the miles of Chocolate brownie, it wasn’t until I was in the checkout line that I finally spotted the right one but then I saw that it too was $6 and I hesitated and did not get it, now I am really bummed because James ate my sandwich while I was out running some errands and left me with the brownie that Gwen picked out of the bakery which was not so miles of yum.

    I guess that I will be making cookies for myself tonight.

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