I’m easy

Thoughtful + funny + chocolate = the way to my heart

I came home the other night to find this message on my bed spelled out in my favorite candy, Peanut Butter M&Ms.*

What did Mister spend?  $3.50
What did Mister earn? More brownie points that he knows what to do with.

That’s called a good investment, friends.

*Mister was quick to point out that there were not enough candies to spell out “you” because he knows I hate when people write “u” instead.

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11 thoughts on “I’m easy

  1. AAAAWWWWWWWW—-that is the cutest thing ever!

    Remind me to write about some of the most amazing things that my hubby has done over the years—-I can NEVER one up him!

  2. Pretty sure that I will be sending James over to talk to Mister about some of his genius ways to a woman's heart, peanut butter M&Ms for sure and in the bed, nice one, oh and the one about giving a gift on his birthday well I think that every husband should implement that one.

    I guess that you really picked a winner to be married to, now he just need to help the stragglers around him, I bet that he could charge a pretty penny and then call himself a Dr.

  3. He really is great guy:)
    I also think he is also a really good cook… That pasta the last time we ate at your house was wonderful and even Mr. B ate it and he doesn’t usually eat anything ‘alfredo’.
    Mister’s wife isn’t too shabby of a cook either.:-) I always enjoyed your seasonings. They just made everything taste better.

    Tell the Mister Hi for us!

    Lately these word verifications are being a nightmare. I’ll see if I can pass this one.

  4. You do indeed have a man who knows the way to your heart. He could win ANY woman’s heart with that kind of sensitive kindness.

    Give him a hug for me.

    And what’s all this about verification? Did I miss a blog somewhere? You aren’t talking about the crooked, deformed word we have to verify to answer you, are you? RSVP

    I’m tending Beck tomorrow while little Daphne gets her tonsils out. I could weep for the poor little sweetie pie.

  5. Kelly, do NOT try them under any circumstances. They have drugs inside that make you powerless to resist. Don't go down that road. You'll end up at M&Ms Anonymous.

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