My super-fattening giveaway

Yes, that’s right I’m finally giving something away! Mostly because I cannot for the life of me think of anything to write. So here is what’s up for grabs:

Your very own panful of cream cheese brownies handmade by me. I make kick-A brownies, in case you didn’t know. I will ship them to you fresh out of the oven. They travel well, so don’t worry.

Because I don’t want you to feel like a complete hag after downing a dozen brownies, I’ll also include some of my all-natural Eye Salve. Notice in my eye photo a few days ago that I have no wrinkles? My eye salve is part of the reason why (awesome genetics and years of being pasty and white are another).

Maybe if you’re nice I’ll throw some other goodies in too. We’ll see.

So enter by Tuesday March 3rd midnight Central Time by leaving a comment.Β 

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58 thoughts on “My super-fattening giveaway

  1. I am in the middle of chairing a scholarship fundraising auction on March 14 for my boys school. Between dealing with parents who have “important” comments or questions, I’m also making all the food for the event- 150 at last count! Those brownies could give me the kick to keep on going for a few more weeks, and trust me, if there are no wrinkles yet, just wait until the day after this event!

  2. I’m in! Those brownies could sure fill the whole left behind by my oldest leaving the nest! and the eye salve could help with the damage he did before he got out of here!

  3. I’m in! Those brownies look amazing, and I’m not really a brownie girl and of course my eyes need your secret salve.

  4. I suppose you would automatically discount your own mother as a contestant, even though you KNOW those are her FAVORITE goodie in the world! Tell you what — if you send them to me I will eat them all at one sitting. Then I will come to Austin and tend your kids while you go to Hong Kong on vacation in June. How could you resist such an offer?

    Lacking that, send me some of the eye cream. I tried it at your house and it is fabulous.

  5. I totally noticed your smooth, wrinkle free skin in that picture, but I didn't know how to comment on it without sounding like a dork.
    But for brownies & secret eye salve I don't mind sounding like a dork!

  6. Ok, the secret’s out, I have a crush on your blog! I have been a lurker for a long time now and have never left a comment before, but desperate times call for desperate measures…I NEED THOSE BROWNIES!

  7. I’m going to have to take this one step farther than Katie, who left the comment above this. I actually have a completely heterosexual girl crush on you and I know we’d be best friends if you lived in California..I NEED those brownies. I promise I will not share them with anyone else and I will eat them 2 at a time while my babies are napping then get rid of the evidence by the time my husband gets home from work.

    So, my new BFF, when should I be expecting those brownies??? πŸ™‚

  8. Now girls, no need to fight over me! There’s plenty of Jennie to go around. Honestly. PLENTY.

    I’m picking the winner based on purely scientific and mathematical methods. Namely picking a number out of a hat.

  9. Since I have the recipe and I’m on a diet, I won’t enter. But I will vouch for these brownies to everyone else. They are DIVINE. And they actually taste better the day or two after you make them as the flavors mellow and blend. You won’t be sorry if you win these!

  10. girl, you know i’m in. I love a good brownie. and if i win, you win – you don’t have to pay for shipping!

  11. I’M PREGNANT! GET THIS LADY BROWNIES, STAT! Ok, if that sounds a little too bossy, then, please, pretty please with a cherry on top…send brownies NOW! πŸ™‚

  12. I’ve been lurking and reading for a long time. The idea of some of your brownies and TLC for my eyes -bring me out of hiding!

    And by the way – love your blog and especially your sense of humor.

    *Rebecca in AK*

  13. Wow! I just made it in!

    Since you are picking names out of a hat, I don’t feel that I need to say anything clever—like everyone else.

    And you are gorgeous—thats one of the reasons that I love you—-I’m shallow like that…

    I would like to know more about the skin care—-or did you blog about that? I forget.

    I’m pretty much losing my mind, so there it is—-shallow AND blonde!

  14. Jennie-
    I think that you really just want to see how many people blog stalk you. Ok ok I admit that I find you very funny and I look forward to your thoughts! I never know what to expect. You truly are sweet and sassy.
    That said I sure hope I win and that the brownies really can travel since I live in WA! I didn’t see any out of state exclusions?? I really want some eye salve too in one of those cute little containers you put it in. You need to start a business selling beauty products!


  15. If there is one way to bring out the blog stalkers and fish for comments and compliments then I think that the contest is the way to do it. Pretty sure that I have only seen this many comments on your Segullah posts.

    I guess that you have picked the winning combo in making friends, chocolate and skin care. Clever I will have to remember that when I decide that I need friends.
    Oh and then I will call you and ask how to make something that involves using the oven.

  16. Jennie, your dear sister Arianne sent me over πŸ™‚ Count me in! I love your recipes! I’ve even tried a few πŸ˜‰ But I’d like to taste something from the master…wink wink…

  17. O’ Kay it is true … I am a genuine stalker tonight… HELLO! Especially if it is for a giveaway from you.
    No I am not just handing out compliments for the heck of it…
    Your brownies do kick Royal Butt. But I think I am in it for your eye salve and I would share the famous β€˜Jennie’s Delectables’ with Bishop B. (You know in the pink box and perfectly tied green ribbon and with melt in your mouth morsels inside:)

    Did you know, I still use the brand of Lipstick you told us all about during you R.S. lesson! LOL
    You KNOW I have COVETED your beautiful skin, and yes I do need to repent someday. It is exceptionally gorgeous, pasty and white.. πŸ™‚ Did I mention PERFECT! (Did you make the salve? LOL Well, you did make some awesome soaps…)
    Are you still getting the same type of treatments you use to get at Gardner Village? I think I am seriously and finally ready to start.
    Any way, please place my name in the hat! My UTAH dry skin is screaming out for some release!

    Hugs from a friend!

    I am going to try word verification AGAIN…my stupid word was ‘those’ and it failed me!

  18. Think of the shipping you’d save it you brought them to me. Or even had me pick them up. I’d drive miles for your baking, Jennie.

  19. Okay, I’m in Australia and am now having international brownie dreams… if I win, I’d be thrilled with just the recipe!!!

    Excellent blog, and I’m sure your eye salve is too!

  20. Oooh, oooh, oooh, me, me me!!! I want brownies!! (and if I can’t have brownies, can I at least have the recipe?)

  21. I could use some of those brownies! They look Amazing! Maybe you could share your recipe for the next choco awareness?! oh and your salve recipe so I can have something to give my mother-in-law for Christmas–she is so hard to shop for!

  22. The brownies look wonderful, but having skin that looks like yours would be even better. I guess the eye salve won’t take away freckles? Darn!

  23. I am 15 1/2 weeks pregnant, need I say more. I am finally over the constant morning sickness and can eat again. As far as I am concerned chocolate is a food group. My Doctor refers to my age as “advanced” which is a nice way of calling me old. To avoid looking old I could really use your eye salve so that I too can have zero wrinkles like you.

  24. Oh Jennie! Enter me! I miss your brownies almost as much as I miss you!

    I love your blog by the way… it just makes me sad when I read it that you’re not here anymore!


  25. Come on, Jennie! You can’t automatically eliminate me just because I’m your mother!

    Or you could send cream of olive oil instead. Your other friends don’t even know about that.

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