Who finished their kits?

All right, all you 72 hour kit people!  How did it go last week?  At this point your kits should be done!  Yahoo!  Bring on the earthquake/wildfire/tsunami!  Just kidding.  Hopefully you will live an uneventful life free of power-outages and contaminated water supplies.

So if you’ve done your kit, let me know so I can give you some huge props.  Because it’s a big deal!

And if you would like to continue on with this food storage journey, what would you like to focus on next?

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5 thoughts on “Who finished their kits?

  1. How about an emergency kit for the car, including items needed for flat tires, lost keys, extra oil and window washer, a “Send Help” sign, some baby formula and diapers, and the like. The car might also be a good place to store the 72 hour kits we just made (or a duplicate). Or, instead, 72 hours worth of food, water, and blankets in case we run-aground in a snowbank in Nebraska, or get lost in the backwoods of Wisconsin, and don’t get found for 3 days.

    I just happen to have such a list passed out recently in R.S.

  2. How about picking back up on the food storage you were doing before Christmas. I came in as that was ongoing and would like to participate doing that.

  3. I didn’t even set foot in the army surplus store. I meant to go on date night then totally forgot. I’ll still try to catch up this week, though.

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