The dilemma

I don’t want to go to bed even though it’s midnight because I don’t want it to be tomorrow already.  Know what I mean?

P.S. I have crumbs in my cleavage.  I guess I got a little too excited about the warm homemade bread tonight.

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6 thoughts on “The dilemma

  1. Okay, this was the last post I was going to read after spending way to much time online tonight. Now I have that crumb image in my head and I will have to read more to get it out.

    Yes, I know what you mean. That’s why I’m still up too.

  2. OK, I think this story is about the funiest thing I’ve ever read. It’s hysterical…I can’t stop laughing. I’m sorry!

    Thanks for visiting the domestic fringe. Hope you come back soon!!!


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