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My birthday is coming up notverysoon, but just to make sure I get something I truly love, I ordered some new dishes. Just so you know, I’m not one of those people who has several sets. (Like a girl I know who has twelve sets and swaps them out every month. She actually keeps her dining room table arranged like she will be sitting down to a dinner party at any moment–but I don’t think they do. Which means she has twelve collections of dishes that may or may not ever be used. That seems a bit excessive to me.)  I have one set of Portmeirion dishes that I love and that’s it. They were pretty expensive but they’re totally classic and I hope to have them for quite some time.

However, I fell in love with some new plates a few months ago (shhh, don’t tell my old dishes!) I never make a big purchase on the spur of the moment. I’ve had buyers remorse much too often to be foolish (never buy living room furniture without going home to think about it first!) But I saw these plates back in November and I simply can’t get them out of my mind. They are a set of six, all different designs. Have I mentioned two or three hundred times how much I love pattern. They’re by Rosanna, who makes loads of darling dinnerware. 

These dishes have never once come up on ebay.  So I’ve been left to scour the internet every couple of weeks to see if they are on sale somewhere.  And I lucked out.  I found the dinner plates for 50% off at some website I’d never heard of (salad plates were sold out, darn it.)  I placed my order, patting myself on the back for my sharp shopping skills.  

Four days later I got my dishes and they were as cute as I remember.  I inspected each one and then repacked them to put in my closet (I can’t use them until my birthday in April, remember!) Only I noticed something on one of the plates.


Not just crumbs.
Stinky greasy food. 

Someone has used one of my plates!  Revolting! I scoured it, to be sure.

I tried to email the company, but their email is down. And I’m not about to call them.  Can you imagine that awkward conversation?

The happy ending to this tale is that while I was looking for a photo for this post, I found the salad plates on sale at a different website.  Hopefully it’s a company where the employees don’t eat on the dishes before sending them.

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20 thoughts on “China girl

  1. The plates are super cute! I am glad you found them:) Happy, Happy early Birthday! (gross about the food)
    I found a site for prepardness which had some suggestions I have never heard of before. Today’s post on on doing without electricity like our friends in Kentucky.

    Enjoy your day!

    PS I really liked your thought provoking article, yet had a tear in my eye (remembering a lift I gave you to the hospital and the pain associated) as I read your Seagulla post. My heart sent you a big hug♥

  2. They are just beautiful! Happy early b-day to you–maybe the crumbs on the one plate were just the residuals from an early slice of birthday cake in your honor….


  3. I would get dizzy eating at a table set with those dishes! But they are SO you. I’m glad you found them on sale. Happy super early birthday to you!

  4. These are the kind of dishes that I LOVE but Ben will never let me get – something about them being too “girly.” Happy early birthday to you!

  5. Oh, I DO love those plates! It would be like me to mix and match—how clever.

    I don’t really have any place to put any new ones, though—but it is something to consider—out with the old and in with the new?

    What brand are they?

  6. First of all Nicki, you are totally the boss of Ben. If you wanted to get them he would never say so. Secondly, why the heck would you ask in the first place? Then he can say no. Just buy them and serve him dinner with the new dishes and a smile on your face.

  7. Love the new dishes but think it’s totally gross that one had been eaten upon. I would have contacted them. So great that you found wonderful discounts!

  8. maybe they just put food on it for a photo shoot or something glamorous like that. maybe there was no scraping of forks, other people’s saliva involved.

    regardless… they are CUTE.

  9. I’ll bet they were returned by somebody who forgot to wash one.

    Also, Nicki, you utterly RULE your house. Hadn’t you noticed? But it is extremely kind of you to care what Ben thinks. (Unlike another unnamed daughter of mine).

  10. Those do scream your name. I think that they will go perfectly in your home. I am glad that you found them and the the little ones too, and on sale what a plus.

    I don’t really want to think about the food that may or may not have been on them so lets just pretend that they came brand new.

  11. What an idiot that one girl is who has all those dishes! But I’ll bet if she saw these cute ones of yours, she might have her “dishes fix” cured! Because it’s like six different…make that TWELVE different looks all at once! Voila! Man, you could have done her a big favor if you’d shown her those a LONG time ago. Poor girl. I’m just sayin’….

  12. You weren’t talking about me, were you Jennie? Cause I don’t have twelve sets of dishes that I set out on my dining room table each month. China hutch, well, maybe. Some months blend into the others, so it’s not a monthly switcheroo.

  13. Darling dishes! Kind of like a quilt, they don’t seem to match until you put them together! I am glad to be able to keep in touch with you and your cute family. However, I am terrible at correspondence. Friends give up before I have realized how long it has been since I wrote them back. Ok, so I felt a little guilt with your last blog entry. But, I just wanted to put a little plug that I wouldn’t be one of those friends.

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