You know you want to

So bloggy friends, I was thinking of a fun “sharing time” activity, but I’m only going to do it if there are a bunch of people who are interested.  Ok, I’ll probably do it anyway, but it will be funner if more people play.  It’s A Day in Your Life.  You record what your typical day is like.  It should be mostly pictures since, hey, they say a thousand words.  Less writing involved!

Let’s say we’ll all post our escapades this Friday.  That leaves the rest of the week to get photographic. I’ll post a sidebar link to everyone’s blog; that way we can check each other out.

What do you think? I’d really like to see a slice of everyone’s life.  Even if you’re a lurker who doesn’t say a word.  C’mon, it’ll be fun.  All the popular kids are doing it!

Leave me a comment so I know to include you.
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13 thoughts on “You know you want to

  1. I have done the Day in a Life a couple of times – not sure I have it in me this week though.

    I need to psyche myself up for it.

    We will see where my mood takes me 😉

  2. Tiffster’s up for it! I just need a professional photog to follow me around all day…Thena hair and makeup and wardrobe person…

  3. How real do you want us to be?

    Mine may look like an episode of intervention, Animal House, or Malcolm in the Middle depending on the day.

    I’ll play…(I think);)

  4. Well things around here are pretty lame most of the time, but I think that I need some new ideas for a post so I am in.

    If all the popular kids are doing it then I am a sucker for the peer pressure. (Does that tell you what I was like growing up, total push over.)

    Here is to the mundane days of our lives.

  5. I seriously think everyone would be bored to death by a day in my life. But I’ll try it out tomorrow and see if it’s worth posting.

  6. i support this. but it might be more like a MINUTE in my life. doing a day might overwhelm my inner slacker. but i might surprise myself.

    count me 1/8th in.

  7. haha, “escapades” hardly captures the excitement of my days. I would have to take a thousand pics to show my day, but can sum it up in ONE word: monotony… of course I mean that in the BEST possible way and no offense to my lovely children!

  8. Sounds like fun…I am in, hopefully with pics involved…don’t be to alarmed at what you see 🙂 What a fun idea…hope I don’t mess it up on my end 🙂

  9. My daughter made this delightful log of her daily routine last week that I love and I’ll try to post it. It’s really well done and was a homework assignment for her Spanish class.

  10. Ok, so I just read this—been too crazy this week to do blog reading…

    I don’t mind doing it, but will NOT take a picture of myself exercising—I look soooo scary in my put together outfit! How about I just take a picture of the treadmill?

    Also, I have a funeral to attend, so that might not be that exciting…

    But count me in, if you still read this!

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