This is Adelaide Amelia.  She has a very strong personality.  Not strong as in pushy and bratty.  Just extremely confident.

Last night was the perfect example.  At bedtime she insisted that she did not have to go to the bathroom.  And I, ever the idiot, believed her.  So at 1:30 a.m. I heard a little voice in my room, “Hey, dad! Hey Mom! I can’t sleep!”  It turns out that she had wet her pants just a little.  So she had needed clean panties (which we keep in the downstairs bathroom–I don’t know why). She came downstairs, put them on, went back upstairs to her room to put on clean pajamas, then came back downstairs to tell us that she needed to go to bed.

All this in a house that was pitch black because I forgot to turn on any lights before I went to sleep.  Apparently it didn’t bother her.

So I walked her upstairs and put her back in bed.  

I love low maintenance children!  (She is learning from The Master, Arabella, who despite being seven, will throw up in the middle of the night, clean up, change her clothes, and not mention it til I wake her up for school the next morning.)

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8 thoughts on “Unflappable

  1. That is what I call good parenting 🙂 Self reliance is a must!!! She is adorable and I LOVE that dress. Thanks for a fun parenting story.

  2. Please give me lessons on how you get your children to do this! I’m pretty sure James would lay in bed yelling “MOM MOMMIE MAMMA!!” until I arrived. Then he’d calmly explain what happened and what I should do about it.

  3. She needs to give Daphne lessons. Her favorite is to pretend that her arms are both broken and she couldnt’ possibly reach for the toilet paper herself. No, she wants me to come fetch it from 3 inches away and give it to her. please.

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