Gold star girls

All right, we’re pushing the food storage item back by a day.  Arianne seems to think it will make a difference somehow.  So you need to check in on Monday mornings to report and find out your new item. How did everyone do with the beans? (I know, Tiburon!  You hate beans! You still get credit because you bought something and you called from Costco so I know you were on the ball.)

Jenn (I helped her bag her beans so I know she has them.)

Anyone else? If you already told me, sorry. I don’t feel like reading all my old comments.  If you get something how about you post a comment on the Monday post (this week or last week, I don’t care.  I just don’t want to have to look through every day’s comments.)

This week’s item is on the sidebar (somewhere) —->>>>>
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6 thoughts on “Gold star girls

  1. I actually have 3 mos. of beans already in my food storage! Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.
    Can I have a gold star too?

  2. I am ALL over the stew.

    The chili might be an issue (see last weeks whine about beans…) unless I can find beanless chili. Then I am alllll over it.

    When should I be expecting my solid gold star?

  3. I picked up the medicines for my kids… tylenol, motrin, and benadryl. But not the beans, I am catching up on a few of the other things you have posted.

  4. See, this is why you need to wait until THE END of Monday (or Tuesday) to post who got their item. Because on MOnday we all check in and go, Oh, I never told Jennie I got my food storage item. So yes, I got my beans. NOw you know. Can I still get a gold star?

    p.s. I already have my chili and stew from last time, so count me in for that. We never eat it. It’s for dire circumstances only.

  5. I can’t remember who told me to come here, but I love that you’re helping us get our food storage done! I’m so excited, but that also could be because I love to shop, and this counts as shopping right?

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