Where’s my walker?

Holy mother-of-pearl! I found two, two, two grey hairs on my head yesterday. I realize that I am 37 and that this was bound to happen.  (My little sister has been going grey for years. Sorry Ari, I had to tell.)  I have been suffering from this crazy, insane notion that somehow I wouldn’t actually get old.  That there is a portrait of me in my attic that’s grody and grey and sun-damaged.

But evidence to the contrary is sitting on my bathroom counter. 
And I am sore afraid.
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9 thoughts on “Where’s my walker?

  1. You are not 37. Hmmm I guess because of your amazing looking skin I would have guessed about eight or so years younger.

    But you know that you are lucky, I have a very good friend that has been dying her hair since she was 21 because she has felt the burn of the gray. Honestly two hairs, that is basically nothing.

  2. Hey, you’re lucky that these are your first at 37 with 6 kids!! It is quite a shock to the system though. I got my first at 30 with no kids–now at 34 with two–I have stopped looking (…and counting–but I don’t have that many–I think– and haven’t had to face the temptation yet to dye it). I hate to be the one to tell you that at some point there will be more than two (heeheehee with wicked glee), and unfortunately pulling them out and getting rid of the evidence will no longer be a viable option.

  3. Just wait 12 more years…then you’ll see some gray hair! or in the mean time you can always see mine! Course I just got it colored so you can’t see them now! give me a week or so…they’ll be back!

  4. I was 26 when I found the first one. I used to be able to count them. Now I don’t bother because there are too many. By the way, kelly’s grandma always said, “Don’t pluck out your gray hairs or 7 more will come to its funeral.” I am pretty sure that is true, judging from my gray hairs now.

  5. sigh. Just another joy to being blonde. The gray is less obvious. My very own Mister is looking a bit salt and peppery these days however. It’s kind of fun to have the the “Don’t be so vain” speech change hands! Of course, he loves to point out I am older than he is. That’s one I’ll never outgrow!

  6. It didn’t hit me that someday I would get old until I turned 40. I didn’t think 40 was old, but somehow turning 40 made me understand that someday I would be 50, and then 60…

    Really, it was devastating at the time.

  7. welcome to the club.

    and welcome to the reason i get my hair done every 5 weeks. sucks, doesn’t it?


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