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I love Etsy.  (In case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s a huge site for selling handmade things. Like the world’s biggest craft fair.) I have bought so many cute things from Etsy sellers (who are fantastically nice, by the way). But I have also seen some incredibly strange things.  Things that are downright perplexing.  

How about this skirt? (Because I know you already have the rest of this ensemble.) A 35-year-old woman who’s into Animé?  The fourth graders in your son’s class will definitely think you’re cool.  

Your husband probably wants this necklace. Won’t it be a hit at his next P.P.I. with the Bishop?

Here are some baby socks that cost $4.00. They are “tie-dyed”.  Or, as I like to call it, “whites accidentally washed with darks”.

Nothing says “par-tay” like frowning broccoli.

I have no doubt you’ll be the talk of Thanksgiving dinner with this lovely showpiece on your head. (Sorry folks, this listing is just for the pattern.  You’ll have to spend 70 hours crocheting it yourself.  That’s a lot of work just to get a chuckle out of Uncle Bill.)

I always see baby mermaids wearing Mickey Mouse ears throwing up in the toilet, don’t you? You know mermaids!  What a bunch of drunks!

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10 thoughts on “Weird etsy

  1. That is a RIOT!!! I love the puking mermaid almost as much as I love the turkey headpiece (?!) Can you imagine the entertainment to be had in wearing that puppy while prepping the turkey meal for 20? Worth every penny!

  2. Wow, those are great! Are you saying you would or wouldn’t wear the turkey on your head? You would so be the talk of the party with your cute little skirt and adorable turkey hat!!! But you better be careful at the party or you will end up having to wear that beautiful orange mermaid shirt…lol!

  3. Jennie I have been looking for that skirt to finish off my anime look. Actually that picture kind of makes me cringe.

    I always think of the really cute and unique things that people make when I hear about etsy…not so much the wacky and slightly off apparel.

    I guess that it is going to be hard to top whomever wears that turkey hat for the holiday.

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