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Did you folks know that I have a BS in Geography?  I kid you not.  I’ve always liked looking at maps and learning about places.  Last night I was looking at the map of Texas (why fold laundry when there are maps to read?!) and I was struck with the interestingness of some Texan town names.  I’ve included (and categorized) some for your perusal:

What were they thinking?
Rural Shade
Weeping Mary
Goober Hill
Gun Barrel City
Bug Tussle
Tin Top
Fort Spunky
Possum Kingdom
North Zulch
Cee Vee
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8 thoughts on “Reading the map

  1. Based on your latest posts, it would be fascintating to have a camera follow you around all day. I mean, you do care for 6 children between all this, right?

  2. I don’t care what you say. I refuse to believe you that there is a Pancake, Texas. Impossible.

    There is a street near my parent’s house called Harms Way. Who are the idiots in charge of naming things? My 3 year old would be so good at it. How does Army Guys, Texas sound? Or what about Lightening McQueen, TX? Better than Looneyville.

  3. Tiffany, you’re forgetting naptime, no after-school activities, no driving to or from any schools and no baby.
    You can only dream, right?

  4. Oh my gosh, these are awesome. There are many reasons I like Texas. Creative city names is now on my list!

  5. I would love to write Possum Kingdom on my letters. But I don’t think I’d want to be from Goober Hill. I bet the school teams in that town get teased by the school teams.

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