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All you people out in blogland are familiar with NieNie, I presume.  Her fab sister Courtney writes with me at Segullah. Her personal blog is a fantastic reflection of what a funny, smart, talented, deep-thinking girl/woman/lady she is.  As a fundraiser for Stephanie’s family, we Segullah girls/women/ladies have edited Courtney’s blog entries into a wonderful new book.

What an excellent gift!  What a great cause!  You should buy one right this second.  You’ll love it. Promise.

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2 thoughts on “Buy this book!

  1. That’s a great idea. Do you know how many pages the book is? Anyone around here want to order with me to save on shipping? I’m not exactly frugle (although I wish I were), but why not combine shipping if several people who live here by us want to get it?

  2. I only read her blog a couple of times before the crash ( I think I did). So I’m not sure what her bog was like before she took on Stephanie’s life. Any hints?

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