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Do you know what this blog is turning into?  A narration of all the things I do when I’m supposed to be cleaning my house.  I hate cleaning my house.  How many times can I put the same dish in the dishwasher?  Or put the throw pillows back on the sofa?  Or pick up discarded underwear off of the bathroom floor? (answer: infinity!) I really wish I were one of those people who is ultra-uptight about keeping their house clean; who wished they could just let a mess go for a while.  I aim for an air of tidyness, but it’s never all clean at once.

So yesterday’s excuse for not cleaning my house was that I had to install new bathroom faucets.  Our house has a wonderful, fabulous floor plan and I dearly love it (Mister picked it out all by himself.  The first time I ever saw it was the day we closed on it.  Good thing he knows me well), but it was finished as cheaply as possible.  The carpet, paint, fixtures are all incredibly low-quality.  And ugly too.  (The people who built this house did splurge on granite counters, though.)  I mean our house has such cheap options that none of the bathroom cupboards even have drawers.  Because you know what a silly splurge those are!  Who needs drawers when you can just pile all your toiletries into a heap under the sink? 

Anyway, the lovely bathroom faucets I’ve been living with are these gems, straight out of 1990 (Brass and chrome together? Classy):

 I found some faucets a couple of months ago that I fell madly in love with.  They were $165 each. (Cough! choke!)  I heaved a sad sigh and put them out of my mind.   But last week I happened to find four of them for sale on ebay for $39 each.  The same exact ones!  And I was the only bidder!

Yesterday was Mister’s first day at his new job and I took advantage of his being gone all day to install the new faucets.  I hate when he’s around and walks in on one of my halfway done projects.  Frankly, I’d rather get forgiveness than permission.  

I happen to have mad, hot plumbing skills (not really) and these were pretty easy to install.  I will tell you this, though, they come with a whole new under-sink apparatus that is a total pain to install.  The faucet part took me half an hour to put in; the other part took two hours.  All because I thought it would be nice to have the drain stopper look “new and shiny”.  Dumb idea.

So now I have new faucets in the guest bath and the master bath.  From gross to gorgeous!

Sadly Mister doesn’t like the new faucets. He thinks they look “too Chinese”. Remember what I said about forgiveness vs. permission?  This is what I was talking about.

Now I just have to get rid of this nasty thing: (good thing I have mad, hot electrical skills too!)

I’m bidding for a new one on ebay right now.

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7 thoughts on “Jennie the plumber

  1. No way, Jennie! You’re amazing. From biscuits to faucets, you can do it all! I love the new improved faucet. I thought it was funny because I have the exact same old cheap ones and have wanted to replace mine too. Now I’m going to be on the lookout. I like your Chinese faucet much better. Who cares what your hub thinks? I’m making you some lime bars, by the way. So you can eat the calories instead of me.

  2. Chinese? Obviously China chef Chow is the closest mister has come to China. I think they’re gorgeous.
    Yes, we have the same fabulous light fixture as well…

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