Million dollar smile

Ok, more like a many-thousand dollar smile. India has had braces and orthodontia for three years now. But today was the day we’ve been waiting for. She got her braces off for good!

Today at 8 am: (forgive the weird blurriness. I’m no photographer and I was in a hurry to get kids out the door.)

Today at 9:30 am:

Hooray!  Now we move on to York and Finn’s orthodontia.  Kids are so damn expensive!
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12 thoughts on “Million dollar smile

  1. Happy day for her. My poor kids will go through life with pathetic, crooked teeth. I tell myself it adds character.

    Zoinks: she sure has inherited her smile from the maternal side, hasn’t she?

  2. I’ve experienced that weird blurriness before – one of the small kids had left a fingerprint smudge on the front lens of the camera. Ruined my Easter pictures that year, in fact.

  3. I am so glad to see that she really did get them off on Halloween. She was so excited and telling everyone (in YW at least) that she was getting them off, I thought that we were going to have to make a count down chart for her.

    She looks great. I don’t know if you had braces or not, but I remember after I got mine off I couldn’t stop running my tongue across the front of my teeth, Looking back I bet that looked really creepy. but it felt so slimy and strange that I kept doing it. Then I got the retainer and that ended that.

    One down five to go, just kidding.

  4. Ah, orthodontia. My first three have all enjoyed their time in braces (not)–3 down, five to go—

    She looks great!


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