I know you’re nursing a sugar hangover

and probably have a houseful of crabby children who stayed up too late sorting their candy, but you really need to get out and stock up on your medicine.

Remember that whole food storage thing?  Yeah, today’s your last day.  So toodle on over to the store (I can even begrudge you a trip to Wal Mart because I know their prices on health stuff are the best around. Even though the medicine is probably all made by Chinese toddlers shackled to the wall. That’s the price you pay for shopping at That Store–my new euphamism for Wal-Mart.  Or how about “The Store That Must Not Be Named”?)

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4 thoughts on “I know you’re nursing a sugar hangover

  1. i got props from my m-i-l today for doing this. i wanted to tell her it was all my idea. but i decided to give my blogging bff all the credit. i’ve loved this. and i never thought those words would come out of this mouth.

    that million dollar smile is AWESOME. she is beautiful.

  2. Jennie, I bet you’d get better results (and better reporting about it) if you would consider waiting until the end of Monday to post who did or did not get this week’s item. A lot of people don’t log in regularly on the weekend and probably don’t remember to get their stuff or email you about it until Monday when they check in again. Just a thought.

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