Hap Hal

To all you braggarts who have posted how lovely it is where you live with all the changing leaves and mountains afire with color, I have one thing to say: the high here will be 84º (low of 66º).  So when you are freezing even though you’ve got a ski coat over your costume, think of me.  I’ll be the one trick-or-treating in bare feet and shorts. (not really, but I’m trying to sound smug.)

I’m posting all about candy (natch) at Segullah today. I know you’ve got school parties and hundreds of pictures to take, but if you could pop over and leave a comment about how witty and fabulous I am, that would be great.  My last post on a holiday (4th of July) got seven comments.  Humiliating.

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4 thoughts on “Hap Hal

  1. Sorry to disappoint you, but we had a record high of 77 yesterday. And 66 today. So while you will be sweating in your costume, we will be comfortably warm in ours. Haha.

  2. Why do you always get stuck with the holidays? PS I always read you posts on the Seg but for some reason commenting over there intimidates me…

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