I like shopping at the local grocery store chain called H.E.B. Their prices are decent, but the reason I prefer them over the national chains like Safeway or SuperTarget (although I do like SuperTarget) is because they have all sorts of local brands.  Plus they have a huge assortment of Texas-themed products.  If you need anything with a star (as in Lonestar) or Longhorns theme, you can pick it up along side bananas and bread.  

Last week was the Hatch chili event.  Out in front of the store were huge rotating cages over fires where Hatch chilis were being roasted.  I don’t know what’s so great about Hatch chilis, but it was pretty interesting and smelled good.  

I was at HEB on Saturday buying even more jam jars because I was making my tenth batch of jam (I’m on to blackberry now. Not my favorite, but Mister loves it.) Jam jars are in the same aisle as condiments, and for the first time I noticed the abundance of BBQ sauce.  I started looking at all the different brands and was really amazed to see how many different kinds there are.  Texas takes BBQ very seriously. I just had to take a picture.  These are all bottles of BBQ sauce:

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4 thoughts on “BBQ

  1. I’ve noticed since we’ve lived here that Texans take EATING very seriously. I’ve never seen such a high concentration of restaurants anywhere.

  2. I know that the BBQ sauce isle is pretty intense, but have you seen the salsa selection that they have at H.E.B.? I think that there are almost as many local brands of salsa as there are of BBQ/ grilling items.

    I have actually tried a few of the local BBQ sauce brands and they are really good.

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