This week’s food storage item

I haven’t heard a peep from anyone about their canned meat.  Are you guys blowing off this item? I think tuna fish is pretty much the foulest food there is, but I went and bought some anyway (Mister likes it.  Maybe he can convince the kids it’s OK.)  So as of tonight everybody is on the naughty list.  For shame!  (I think my Mom said she was going to buy some, but I never heard back.)

UPDATE:  Carolyn just told me she has hers.  Brava!  And Tiburon gets half a credit for buying frozen meat.  Good, but you’ll be needing a generator PLUS gas.  Ugh.  Canned meat is where it’s at. 

This week’s item should be a little more palatable. ——->>>>>>
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7 thoughts on “This week’s food storage item

  1. Working on the canned meat. As of yesterday we are the proud owners of half a cow though.

    Hopefully we won’t lose power – it is in my freezer!

  2. At the exciting college football match between the Univ. of Oklahoma Sooners (OU sucks, by the way) and the talented Univ. of Texas Longhorns, this past weekend, the Texas state fair took place next to the stadium. On the menu at the fairgrounds was something that one may not find anywhere else, Spam Quesadillas. Does that sound sick or what?

  3. I already had mine. I guess you missed my comment. I left it on some random other post. I have big box of disgusting canned hamburger (plus some spam, tuna, and chicken). If I’m starving I’ll probably be glad for the hamburger. Otherwise, I’ll be happy to throw it away when Jesus comes.

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