Easy as pie

I hate that saying because making pie is really complicated.  Maybe that’s what the phrase is supposed to mean.  That something is very complicated and time-consuming.  

I don’t really care much for pie; particularly fruit pies (why would someone want fruit in their dessert–unless it’s lemons?)   But I do make a few great pies.  My apple pie is very tasty.  Arianne, my sister who doesn’t even like apple pie, always begs me to make them for her.  If she’s desperate I’ll say yes but only if she peels and cuts the apples because I loathe that part.

Most people seem scared of pie.  The crust is one big reason.  Since autumn is coming soon (for some people.  Me, I have a couple of months still.) here is a fantasticly wonderful tutorial on making apple pie.  It’s from King Arthur Flour, the lovely company from Vermont that has been milling their own flour since the 1700’s. You can get it at many stores around the country, but I buy it in bulk whenever the company offers free shipping.  It is such high quality.  I simply wouldn’t bake without it.  But I’m picky.

Oh, by the way, one of the ingredients King Arthur recommends in their pie recipe (which is superb.  It’s very similar to mine.) is Boiled Cider. They, of course, are one of the few places to buy it.  It is $10 per bottle (plus shipping) which makes it kind of expensive, but if you plan on doing several pies over the holidays I would highly recommend getting a bottle.  It makes a huge difference!

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7 thoughts on “Easy as pie

  1. btw: just got my pasta AND my bajillion boxes of tampons (as well as a few boxes of pads thrown in…my life is gonna be hell.)

    put me on the good girl list!

  2. It’s true. Im not a big apple pie fan. Store bought apple pies are an insult to pie. But my sister’s apple pie is absolutely wonderful. Even in a frozen crust, it’ is to DIE FOR.

  3. I’m really into pies. I love to bake them, eat them, look at pictures and recipes of them. It’s one of my favorite desserts, but it can mean so many flavors. One of these days, I’m going to have to try out your special flour.

  4. I’m not a big pie person. JL likes pies (especially apple) but I have never baked one. I’m totally scared of making the crust. But perhaps this fall I’ll get the baking bug and give this reciepe a try.

  5. My hubby’s favorite pie is pumpkin, which he always likes on his birthday—which is this month…so I have to start early baking pies for the holidays. I don’t mind making pies, as I have my grandmothers amazing recipe for the pie crust—-it works EVERY time!!

    Also, my church cooking group has been planning a trip to the King Arthur store for a few months—we just haven’t gotten everyone together yet—but I’m hoping that it will soon! I live in the Boston area, so its not too far to
    Vermont… I know…cheap thrills, right?

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