Category 5

I realize that I will probably be struck by lightning for saying this, but I’m a little disappointed that Gustav did not end up being a category 5 hurricane. There is some part of me–some twisted, evil part–that loves mayhem.

On a personal level I don’t want anyone’s home to be destroyed, or people to lose their lives.  On a personal level it breaks my heart.  But when I read the news, I really love to hear how terrible the flooding is on the Mississippi River in the Springtime.  Or how many tornados have hit the midwest.  I was so excited for another tsunami when there was that earthquake last week in Indonesia. (No dice.)

I can’t make sense of this part of my personality.  I was so sad about all those poor children who died in China in the earthquakes.  But I felt a little thrill every time the death toll would go higher.  Am I mobid?  Disturbed?  Does it have something to do with the fact that I love America’s Funnies Home Videos (People doubled over with pain? How hilarious!), but on a grander scale?

Keep in mind I want none of this for myself.  I lived in acute paranoia of tornados growing up in the Midwest.  I am petrified of earthquakes and fires.  I would just fall apart if I lost all my earthly possessions.


So what is the matter with me???
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7 thoughts on “Category 5

  1. One of the many things I love about you Jennie is you will admit what no one else will. I was surprised (?) that there were so many on the news almost gleeful that the hurricane was going to “ruin” the Republican National Convention (In Minneapolis) ?*#@! Which party is it that’s compassionate again?! Coming from a theatre background, I can say that there is nothing more boring than a plot without conflict or obstacle, be it humor or drama, as neither is possible without it. Or in other words, “opposition in all things” makes life, life. I congratulate you on your integrity on the subject!

  2. I just clicked over from Tiffany’s blog…and YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!!

    Admittedly, I get the same thrill from disaster (from afar of course!). I just thought I had some sick morbid fascination deep within my subconscious….glad I’m not alone.

  3. I think we are all fascinated by disaster when it isn’t us because 1) we’re so glad it isn’t us and 2) it helps us mentally prepare for the worst–we form thoughts about what we would do and how we would react. I think it’s some Darwinian way, deep in our biology, that tries to prepare us to handle disaster. It’s why I CANNOT stop watching Sept 11th documentaries, no matter how many I see.

  4. You are a crack-up! I’m catching up on blogs today for the first time in what seems like forever! I have to agree with you about the storm being worse, but I just couldn’t wish for it this time because we have friends living there. If it had been worse they would have lost their brand new house. As it was…they were evacuated again. I was glad nothing terrible happened.

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