This week’s food storage item

Here’s what’s on assignment—->>>>>

Our Pasta People from last week are:
Carolyn (sorry, I know you did yours!)
Holly (you too!)
Let me know if you should be on this list!
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5 thoughts on “This week’s food storage item

  1. {hangs head in shame}

    i have failed you. and on something so frickin’ EASY.

    too much partying over the labor day weekend does not a good-list girl make.

    i will be getting it this week. i suck.

  2. I am stocked up on tampons AND THEN SOME. That is something I absolutely do NOT want to live without. and I figure if I have too many, I can always barter them. They’ll be worth more than gold. Probably more than food. But I do need more T.P.

  3. FYI…You’ve inspired me to freshen up my food storage and get on the stocking band wagon again. I even ordered my first water barrel last week!! Hopefully I won’t find myself with a lamp half full when the bridegroom comes again. I still remember that lesson you taught…it’s stickin’ with me!

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