What is going on? It seems like every other person I know is training for a triathlon. Why triathlons? Why all of a sudden? Three years ago nobody was doing triathlons, and now I’m the only one who isn’t training.

Seriously, what is the allure? I don’t like running, but at least running kind of makes sense. Bike-riding seems extremely dangerous. All those cars just inches away; drivers busy messing with their ipods and cell phones. A recipe for disaster! Plus it makes my bum sore. And swimming? I can barely swim. I took many swimming lessons and I just didn’t get it. I could never manage to breathe properly without inhaling a lot of water. And talk about boring! Back and forth, back and forth. Nothing to look at. No scenery to take in. Can you even listen to an ipod in the water? At least on a treadmill you can watch old episodes of The West Wing.

Frankly I don’t get it. And I don’t really want to get it. Kind of like being a vegetarian. I’m sure it’s like a higher law or something and I’m just admitting what a slave to self I am, but that’s what I think. I am a slave to my body, and my body is telling me that it does not like triathlons one single bit. So there.

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9 thoughts on “Tri-what?

  1. So, you don’t know me but I have to comment that I TOTALLY agree! We’re the caretakers at a park where there are frequent triathlons and it annoys me to no end. I just can’t wrap my mind around WHY anyone would want to…

  2. I did my first triathlon last month. What is the allure of competing in a triathlon you ask? Well, I had been doing running races for the past year (5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon) and running was just getting boring! A tri was a new challenge. I was already into running, obviously, and have liked biking in the past so the only real challenge was the swim. Swimming is hard and can seem super boring, but once I got into it, I loved it! It is a very quiet way to exercise and becomes sort of meditative. I try to swim 2X a week.

    The real perk of tri’s is that it gives you a rockin’ bod. I’ve never felt healthier and looked better in my life.

    Come on tri it Jennie. Everyone’s doing it!

  3. up here it’s still marathons. all the time. i just say no.

    although i did do a mini-tri about 5 years ago. i caved to pressure.

  4. I would be a vegetarian before I would run a triathlon. Mostly because I don’t own a bike and can’t swim… Oh and I don’t love to run.

  5. I just wish my body could have more energy and I could do one third of a triathalon. I love hearing about others who can and do. I’m excited for them. I love lean bodies.

  6. Hate to run.

    Can swim about 15 laps—in a backyard pool.

    Do casual biking, but can’t EVEN get up hills.

    I walk on my treadmill and do my Bowflex, which I love. That way, I can exercise and watch my foreign films at the same time. 🙂

  7. Don’t worry about being all alone on the couch. I’m never going to enter a triathalon. Running to get my garbage out to the curb as the garbage truck approaches is about the closest I ever hope to get.

    p.s. I got my toiletries for food storage, AND finally my crisco.

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