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I’ve been tagged by Heather at Twin Birch who, despite living in a state with NO Target stores (hard to believe, I know), makes me die with envy over her super sweet soapmaking skillz. (You can buy her stuff on Etsy.) I now have to list six random things about myself.  I have been sweating this for several days  because I thought they had to be random things that nobody knows about me.  Since I love to talk incessantly about myself, that was proving to be a tall order.  But then I realized they can just be random anything.  So here are my six things:

1.  I hate condiments.  Most, to me, are just disgusting. In order of hatedness (#5 being hated the least, #1 being the most):
5. Salad Dressing (unless it has bleu cheese, then it moves to #1)
4. Sour cream (I just don’t get this. Cream should be sweet.)
3. Mayonnaise (Has to be seriously disguised for me to eat this.)
2. Ketchup (Like nasty spaghetti sauce.  Which I don’t much like either.)
1. Mustard (Under no condition will I eat this.)

2. I am often tempted to bite flesh. I know, I know, how disturbing.  The texture of it is just so tempting.  Since taking a bite of someone’s body is likely to get me hit (or worse), I have to make do with candy circus peanuts.  You remember those banana-flavored orange candies?They are firm, yet soft and chewy, just how I imagine flesh would be.  And there’s no bloody mess!
3. I try to sit Indian style whenever possible. (I mean, criss-cross-applesauce.  Sorry Indians, don’t want to be culturally insensitive.  Although I don’t know whether it’s insulting to Native Americans or people from India.)  I have been known to sleep in this position, and I always eat meals like this.  I do the one-legged version in my car.
4.  I love pattern:  Floral, plaid, toile, stripes, paisley;  I adore it all. I’m particularly fond of polka-dots these days.
5. My favorite breakfast is cookies and candy.  And cake.
6. I am scared of under my bed.  I know, intellectually, that there are no killers/monsters/evilness under there, but my imagination tells me something different. So I cannot kneel or stand next to my bed.  If I say my prayers I have to kneel either on top of my bed or in the bathroom. 
Now I have to tag some people.  Great, this is where I get panicky.  OK, I am tagging some of the new girls:
Tiffany @ Damiano Family
Nicki @ Davis Family
Here are the rules:

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4) Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them (This is only a game)
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7 thoughts on “I’m it!

  1. I don’t think I can ever eat a circus peanut again and enjoy it! My mind was boggled by that one! That was a fun peak into the works of you. Thanks for tagging me. I have some thinking to do…

  2. So funny! I’m with Carolyn about the circus peanuts… not that I’ve considered eating one since 1978…

    I just made some Monster Spray for the 2 little girls. Give me your addy and I’ll send some along…as a matter of coincidence, it’s also a great body spray. 🙂

    thanks for the etsy mention and for feeling my Target pain. It’s just so sad! 🙂

  3. Interesting facts for sure. I have known people that don’t like Mayo, or hate mustard, but the fact that you can’t stand basically all condiments is funny.

    Cookies and cake for breakfast, now that is a good way to get going in the morning. As for the circus peanuts, were you a biter as a kid?

    This was a fun little post to get into.

  4. Hilarious. I am surprised that you hate all condiments. I used to eat brownies for breakfast, but I had to give it up during my last pregnancy (dang it). My brother loves to bite. He would bite my mom on the shoulder and it was this bonding thing between them Maybe some day I will share that crazy story.

  5. No wonder I always hated those orange circus peanuts. they’re banana flavored!? How rude of them to disguise that fact with orange food coloring.

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