Food storage item(s) of the week

All right, my lovelies. ¬†Here’s this week’s food storage items. These will be a breeze.——->>>

Here’s who bought their flour last week:

Suzanne-are you the one who already had their flour and wheat?
That leaves a whole bunch of people who haven’t gotten their flour. Sigh.¬†
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15 thoughts on “Food storage item(s) of the week

  1. I know, I know. I am a loser. But since I didn’t get my flour last week, I am going to do it this week.

    p.s. this whole food storage thing is billiant.

  2. HEY!!!!!

    i got my flour!! sorry, i was out of commish since thurs. afternoon–went up to park city with my sister and friends. but put me on the good girls list, stat!

  3. I am really behind on comments, but I will try to be better, I got my PB and flour over the last two weeks, I just got really busy too.

    I think that the girl at the checkout was thinking that I was a little crazy when she was scanning all the flour, maybe she was thinking that I calculated some recipe really really wrong. She looked really perplexed. It was pretty funny.

  4. Hi – thanks for the information/advice on uniforms! I’m glad to hear you liked the knit shirts – they looked very cute in the catalog and will be ideal since I HATE to iron.

    Love the header background on your blog – very pretty!

  5. I got all my chocolate and yeast! That was a fun buy- and so great to have on hand! Thanks again for getting me on track!

  6. I did it. Along with some extra peanut butter, baking soda, baking powder and all the chocolate.

    35 lbs of flour does look a little funny. The bagger girl asked, “So, are you making a cake?” Yeah SONIA, I am making a cake with 35 lbs of flour. Idiot.

  7. Ha ha ha Whitney! I hope you got your yeast too!

    Emmie-Lew– gold stars for being the first one done this week!

  8. Store Chocolate chips?! You have to be kidding. I would eat every last bag in a week!

    So Instead I buy cocoa powder, and happen to have 24 containers on hand. Just think: brownies, cookies, cake, pudding, hot cocoa, hot fudge sauce. The list is (fortunately) endless, but one doesn’t sneak into the raw cocoa box and gobble a secret spoonful. You have to WORK to make it good, so you might not eat as much as otherwise.

    And of course, Dutched process cocoa is about 500 times as yummy as plain old Herseys or Nestles. The best for price is SACO brand, which costs about half of the “brand names.” You can even buy it by the case from SACO FOODS INC, and have a year’s supply delivered to your door. Actually, I do go through a container twice a month. I make brownies for gifts, and my own sugar free cocoa mix with Splenda. Yum! Jennie’s kids call it “Boppie Cocoa,” and love it!

  9. Welcome Heather H. (in UT). Not to be confused with Heather H. in NY, or Heather B. in UT. How am I going to keep you all straight?
    The items we’ve done so far are in the column on the right, second item down.

  10. I got my flour late Sat night so as NOT to be a slacker. I just got back with my chocolate and yeast. the lady behind me asked if she should go get some too, she assumed I had found a great sale.

    Thanks again for keeping us going!

  11. Also, I’ve got the yeast, but that was such a good idea to get the chocolate chips and cocoa. Check those off for me because I will get them at the store tomorrow. I remember when my sister-in-law’s husband was out of work for over a year — the one thing they really missed in their food storage was chocolate!!! I have a lot of hot chocolate mix, brownie mix, chocolate pudding and chocolate cake mix, but I don’t have ANY chocolate chips or cocoa! Thanks!

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