I’m wondering . . .

 . . . why nobody has told me they’ve gotten their flour yet.  Is everyone so busy that they haven’t once been to the store?  Doubtful.  Today is your last day.  This is one of the most important (if not THE most important) item you’ll have in your food storage. So let’s not slack off already!

Here are a couple of quotes to help motivate you.  Thie first is by Ezra T. Benson:
   “The revelation to produce and store food may be as essential to our temporal welfare today as boarding the ark was to the people in the days of Noah.”

The second is by James E. Talmadge:

‘’In mercy the Lord warns and forewarns. He sees the coming storm, knows the forces operating to produce it, and calls aloud through His prophets, advises, counsels, exhorts, even commands that we prepare for what is about to befall and take shelter while yet there is time. But we go our several ways, feasting and making merry, consoling conscience with the easy fancy of ‘time enough’ and in idle hope that the tempest will pass us by, or that, when it begins to gather thick and black about us we can turn back and find shelter.’’

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7 thoughts on “I’m wondering . . .

  1. I got mine! Seriously. I did! My dh was at the store with me- and asked, “Isn’t there a more cost effective way to get flour? Like big 25 pound bags or something?”
    I just smiled and explained your blog and our project. It’s all good! Thanks again for your kick in the pants! 🙂
    Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier. . .

  2. I got mine yesterday! I was at Walmart with my two girls. I use the Sam’s Club shopping cart though because it has two seats to sit in (that way I keep my girls contained). I had all my groceries pilled up in the basket and all my flour nicely stacked on the bottom of the cart. Every third person asked me what on earth I was baking. One lady announced, “she must bake cakes”. When I explained what I was doing, they all would silence and looked at me sideways. I like to think they went home and thought about their own food storage…

  3. Thank you for guilting my daughter, The Mayor of Crazytown, into beefing up her food storge. Your absolutly right about the flour and I don’t think you can have too much on hand. I’m usually not this pushy but there is a link on my blog to a Financial Times article I read that has me ordering more flour.

    Thanks for letting visit your site and keep putting the word out.

  4. Got mine. Man, that cart got HEAVY.
    Did you get my comment re: obits? I didn’t see it posted, and was wondering if I’d offended you.. I thought it was rather flattering actually..

  5. I am out of town, that is my only excuse. But when I get back, that is #1 on my list because I am totally out of #10 cans of flour. And like you said, it’s the most important. It’s definitely what I use the most of around my house. Remind me next week in case I forgot, OK?

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