Finn the fotographer (Phinn the photographer?)

Finn is nine and loves taking pictures.  A lot of the time they are ugly and weird self-portraits (which I don’t know about til I go to download my pictures and there they are).

He can also do a pretty decent job when he wants to:

Do I dare give this child his own camera for Christmas or is that just asking for trouble?
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5 thoughts on “Finn the fotographer (Phinn the photographer?)

  1. i likey your glamour shot–not too shabby!! you should be totally getting your “portfoloio” together with that head shot, just saying….

  2. If he always take shots like that of you, I wouldn’t wait for Christmas, get him a camera now!

    I didn’t notice any big zits either!

  3. Do it! He’s a natural. Photogs take a LOT of pictures and only a few of them can be considered their best.

  4. We gave our son a camera for his 8th birthday. He loves it! Its a digital, so we can just download it to the external hard drive and he can post them where-ever he wants!

    Its a good idea—and nice pic. of you…

  5. Get that kid a camera! he’s got talent. I can’t believe he framed that picture of you so well. And maybe having something precious like that, that can break, will teach him some grown-up style responsibility.

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