This week’s food storage item

Here it is——->>>>>>

You guys, I thought the oil/shortening assignment would be an easy one! So far my list of good girls is short:  
Heather H (in UT)
Anybody else have something they want to tell me?  

In case you have been wondering where to store your food, I thought I would include a picture of our “storage room” (actually the closet under our staircase. Too awkwardly-shaped to build shelves, so everything is just piled somewhat haphazardly. There’s food under each bed too.  In our house the areas under the beds just turn into black holes of toys, socks and food wrappers.  So food storage under the beds kills two birds with one stone.

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6 thoughts on “This week’s food storage item

  1. I have failed you Jennie. I know you were counting on me, but I let you down. So this week will be oil, shortening AND pasta. And I promise I will do it.

    Once again, Master, I apologize.

  2. HEY!! put me on the list!!

    i though i had already left a comment and told you i got mine. whoops. too many late nights blog-stalking, i guess.

  3. Hey! Just FYI, I am doing your list…sort of. I am doing as much as I can GF…

    BTW, strange question, but what is the temp of your food storage closet? I am trying to figure out a way to get mine cooler…

  4. I didn’t ever get any shortning, but I did get enough oil to qualify, so count me as “done” on that one.

    I already have 3x the amount of needed pasta thanks to an overzealous day of working at the cannery. Spagetti and Macarni are two things I dont’ think we’ll ever run out of. Yay!

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