Back-to-school mornings

I have successfully gotten up two mornings in a row at 5:15.  It is such a hideous hour, but I am really uptight about getting ready before the kids wake up (I think it’s because I’m so vain.  I don’t want to risk the chance of having to go into the school looking unkempt and ugly.)    I also work out because I can’t very well get dressed and do make-up only to sweat myself up two hours later. Mister thinks I’m abandoning him if I work out at night (plus I’m just too wasted to do it then), so I really have no choice.

By the time all the kids are out of the house for school, I’ve been awake for almost four hours. It’s a bit pathetic to be taking a Mt. Dew break at 9:00 am, but my body is crying for it.  

I fell asleep at 10:45 last night.  This is unheard of, especially for someone in my family.  As evidenced by the fact that my mother called to chat at 11:45 p.m. I told her she’d woken me up and she said that was too bad, but she had just read a book that was really good and would be sending it to me.  And then she described the characters and the plot. Why that couldn’t wait until morning, I’ll never know.  That’s just how my mother is.

Usually I start the school year out strong, making big breakfasts, nice lunches and getting everyone up early and out the door on time. But getting back into the school groove this year has been hard.  We’re out of eggs (I bought 36 eggs last week and they’re already gone) and buttermilk, so no pancakes, waffles or french toast.  Lunches have been pathetic (peanut butter crackers today.  But at least I assembled them myself; they’re not from a package.) and I’ve had to shout “you’d better run or you’ll be late” to each of the children as they head out the door.

It doesn’t help that this morning Mister stumbled out of the bedroom pretending to be asleep and walking into walls and falling over.  Everybody was shrieking with laughter, but it just made me angry that nobody was following my schedule. If Mister and I died today at least they would have happy memories of one of us.

I promise I’ll go to the store and buy some food today.  I’ll also try really hard to get the kids to lay out their clothes before they go to sleep.  I always mean to do this, but by the end of the day I’m so sick of the kids that I just want them to go to bed and leave me alone.  I’m just not a “night before” plan-aheader.  I should be as it would save me a great deal of grief. But I prefer a life of procrastination and not facing facts. It suits me so well.

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10 thoughts on “Back-to-school mornings

  1. I was totally inspired by your previous post about getting up at 5:15, so I decided to start getting up at 6:15 to greet my posse. I changed my alarm to 6:27 Sunday night as I had told the kids we would be reading scriptures at 6:30 from now on. Last night I changed my alarm to 6:43 as no one had to catch the bus until 6:50 so I could read with just him and get everyone else up at 7. Also, Hunky Hubby is out of town, so i can rationalize a lot more than usual. We’ll see where my alarm gets set tonight.

    Actually I am renewed…it’s back to 6:15

  2. That is LOL funny! I am exactly the same way! Big start to school, then fall apart slowly as October approaches. I alway have a renaissance after whatever vacation, then back to the “Hurry Up!” “Where are your shoes?” “Just throw it in your backpack, you’ve got to go!!!”

    *sigh* I love these days! 🙂

    BTW, I’m a 5:39 riser and my bedroom clock is always 10 minutes fast just to have an EXTRA buffer.

  3. I really, really, really, hate getting up early. But I am going to have to do it this year. I am so jealous your kids are already in school!!!!

  4. i bow to you.

    we don’t even set the alarm here at our house–my 10 year old wakes me and rbc up at about 7:45 am–how bout that for lazy??

  5. Hahaha! I too don’t even set an alarm, since the young ones are up at 7 (oh joy!) I can’t even imagaine 5 AM I wouldn’t be able to function. I am so not a morning person. Tanner sometimes doesn’t wake until 8 and that means he has about 15 minutes to get ready…LOL! I am a nighttime planner though, so everything is ready to go in the morning.

    By the way I got my pasta last night. It seriously doesn’t feel like enough, I just bought what I normally buy for the month…LOL and counted it up and it worked. I guess i will have to do MUCH more in the near future. We go through lots of pasta.

  6. I agree with Carol. My sleep comes way before my beauty. I’d rather stay up until 3am than wake up at 5:15. When my kids start school, if I have to get up early with them, I’ll have do do everything at night and put on my make-up after they’re gone for the day. there is no way on the face of this earth I will ever get up earlier than 7 if I can help it. 8if at all possible.

  7. I have to say…I’m so super excited that school starts later here in California. I used to get up at 4:50am to work-out, have some quiet time, shower, and make lunches before the kids got up. I was so tired (in more than one way) of doing that. I decided when I moved here I don’t need to shower before I ride my bike with the kids to school, (which gives me an extran 40 minutes of sleep) and I can have my quiet time in the evenings. This new schedule has me waking up at 6am. I’m stoked (as we like to say in Cali.) My thoughts and prayers are with you in sustaining this schedule!!

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