Nie Nie Day

Has everybody heard about Stephanie and Christian?  Stephanie Nielson (Nie Nie) is a beautiful mom of four who has been an avid blogger. (Her beautiful life featured on her blog will just break your heart.)  She and her husband were in a terrible small-plane crash in Arizona a week and a half ago.  The pilot died, Christian is burned over 30% of his body and Stephanie burned over 80%.  Relatives are raising their children until Steph and Christian will be able to.  Their hospitalizations will require dozens of surgeries and months-long stays.  Obviously the financial burden will be tremendous.

So, to prove to our husbands that blogging is not dumb and pointless, there will be over 160 auctions going on all over the blogosphere today only (all proceeds going to the Stephanie and Christian Nielson Fund).  DesignMom has a list of them all.  I have a few items for auction at Segullah (including my Eye Salve and Olive Squalene that I mentioned a few days ago).

If you’d like to have some updates on Nie and Christian, then click over to CJanes blog (she is Stephanie’s sister, as well as being funny and wonderful and a fellow writer at Segullah.)

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  1. I’m sorry I missed Nienie day. I probably would have tried to throw something together to sell (soap? baked goods?) or at least bought something.

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