Strawberry Fever

You know what’s nice about Texas? Strawberry season starts in March. It’s been Spring Break this week and our big outing was driving over an hour to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls. (“Forget Disneyworld, kids, we’re going to pick strawberries in the middle of nowhere!”)  You’ve got to get… Read More

The Beach

While I do like to get dressed up and go out, my favorite is to sit around and do my little hobbies. While partying in Las Vegas can be fun (maybe like once a decade), I enjoy peace and quiet. Most of my friends are of the same mind. So… Read More


  We’re back from Galveston.  Did you know that it’s actually an island?  I didn’t until I went there this week.  My friend Cheryl invited us to come and hang out with her and her kids (our husbands both had to work.  They’re lame that way) to “escape the heat”.… Read More