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While I do like to get dressed up and go out, my favorite is to sit around and do my little hobbies. While partying in Las Vegas can be fun (maybe like once a decade), I enjoy peace and quiet. Most of my friends are of the same mind. So when my friend Cheryl said that she’d planned a girls-only trip to a beach house over MLK weekend for four of us, we knew we wouldn’t need much more than books, knitting and food.

And indeed it proved to be laid-back and wonderful. The weather was sunny and pleasant because it’s Texas. But not warm, because it isn’t Hawaii for pete’s sake.

The rental house was teeny and slightly, ahem, rustic in a ramshackle-at-the-beach sort of way. So if you didn’t get invited, blame the fact that the house was so small it only had one bathroom and not even a kitchen table.

We stayed in our pajamas all weekend. We watched movies. We looked for shells on the beach (it hadn’t been plundered by a thousand children like it is in the summer and there were shells a-plenty). I knit (unravelled and reknit the beginning of a scarfy/shawly thing about five times), and read the first half of three different books.  We took turns making meals and didn’t venture out in public the entire time.

As you can imagine I was relaxed and revived after several days of lazy bliss. So the fact that kitchen was an absolute disaster when I got home only made me slightly furious; not incredibly furious as it usually does.

I really love birds. Even seagulls. Turns out they’re sort of cannibalistic and didn’t mind eating some left over chicken.  Ah, look at the joy on my face. Does anyone not like feeding birds? (Yes. Cheryl. Who cowered in the house whenever there were more than ten birds visible at any one time.)
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What’s up with the seagull’s leg?


We also didn’t bring makeup.


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7 thoughts on “The Beach

  1. oh, it’s my cute friend Tamara! a girls vacay is such a wonderful thing and it’s just not healthy to go too long without one. . . which reminds me that i’m overdue!

  2. Some of my best friends and I get together for 4 days every March since law school. This will be our 7th time. It is always so much fun, but I am trying to get them all to embrace this idea of RELAXATION. All we really want to do is talk, and all our bodies need is a break from the go, go, go of regular life. I have one friend though, who has big plans every year, and so we go, go, go and then fulfill our need for talking way into the wee hours of the morning. Not complaining – we have a lot of fun, but I’d definitely go for something like this. Looks marvelous. And you are all so very beautiful! Glad you all had a great time!

  3. Those bird pictures are fantastic! Who took them? Is that your actual little shack under Seagull #1?

    Green with envy!

  4. You guys sure look good for not wearing make up. In fact, I don’t believe you. Or else I hate you, depending on if you’re really wearing make up or not.

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