Makeup Monday–Eyebrows

Is it just me or has the whole world gone crazy for eyelash extensions and coloring? I’m hearing about this stuff all over the place and it’s not cheap. I don’t get it; eyelashes are just a thin line of hair. Yes, they might emphasize the eye but I can… Read More

My mirror, my friend

I am vain. I admit it. You may have noticed due to all the pictures I post of myself. I figure my vanity is OK because I’m pretty diligent with my preparedness. That makes up for it. And I have two callings at church, which also counteracts the amount of… Read More

This could have turned out so badly

I’m feeling lots better today, thanksforasking. Turns out the antibiotic I’m on is the same one used for people who are exposed to anthrax. Although that makes me feel slightly strange, I guess it means this medicine gets down to business. To change the subject, I’m a big fan of… Read More

Makeup Monday–Mascara

We’re back on with Makeup Monday. Sorry I missed it last week.  I had something important happening but I’ve already forgotten what. This week we’re going to be talking about mascara.  I have to be truthful here; mascara is not that big of a deal to me.  I have dark… Read More

Makeup Monday–Blush

Ahh, pink cheeks.  They have been popular as long as women have been alive. You’re welcome to pinch yours whenever you’d like some color (just like in all those Jane Austen movies).  Or you could just use blush (my mom always called it “rouge” when I was young.) Really, it’s… Read More

Makeup Monday–foundation

Today we will be talking about the backbone of your make-up regimen: foundation.  The job of foundation is to even out your skin tone and cover up small imperfections (if you have big imperfections you either have to come to terms with them or try to cover them up with… Read More

Makeup Monday–powder

Ok, I know what you’re thinking: Powder??? Really? This isn’t the 40’s!  Just hear me out.   Here is my list of make-up basics. These are the minimum items that I wear when I’m running out of the house and not planning on seeing anyone I know (which automatically means… Read More

Makeup Monday–concealer (part deux)

Ok, Ok, so it’s Tuesday.  But some of you had a few questions about concealer that I thought I’d answer.  Concealer isn’t a necessity.  You might not even need it.  It’s just for covering up odds and ends on your face that are less desirable.  But if, like me, you… Read More

Makeup Monday–concealer

When I was a teenager I used to read those magazines where they’d ask models what their most vital piece of make-up is, and their replies would be things like “mascara” or “eyebrow pencil”.  At the time I didn’t realize that that’s how you know you’re beautiful enough to be… Read More