This could have turned out so badly

I’m feeling lots better today, thanksforasking. Turns out the antibiotic I’m on is the same one used for people who are exposed to anthrax. Although that makes me feel slightly strange, I guess it means this medicine gets down to business.

To change the subject, I’m a big fan of ebay in case I haven’t mentioned that about a million times. I usually use a third party sniping site to do all the dirty work and make my bids for me. In case you are not familiar with sniping, it is the way to get your bids in to ebay at the very last second, thereby winning (if you’ve bid enough money that is. You have to state the most you’re willing to pay up front and bidnapper bids incrementally for you.) It’s so much nicer than sitting around pressing the refresh button, hoping nobody outbids you. The service I use is called Bidnapper and it’s been great. I’ve used it for years. You have to pay, but if you use ebay more than a couple of times a year it’s totally worth it.

Last month I bid on my favorite concealer which retails for $28. I know. Rip off! (Although if you have hideous undereye circles like I do, you will pay what you must.) So I try to buy it on ebay (unused, of course!) Sometimes I like to talk on the phone while I do my computer stuff–I happen to think I’m brilliant at multitasking. But maybe not. Because I absentmindedly made this bid, which I just barely noticed this morning. Can you imagine what might have happened if the auction had been for something actually valuable?


Apparently I’m willing to spend almost $2400 on a nice concealer (Cargo Blu-Ray, shade 01, by the way) Fortunately nobody else bid that much and I ended up getting it for $19.38, so it was fine.

But still.

I would have one pissed off husband.

10 thoughts on “This could have turned out so badly

  1. I think I would take the hit on my ebY feedback and leave that as an unpId item.

    eBay is so different now from when I used to play around with it!

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better. What a nightmare to go through pneumonia especially as a mother. Nobody's going to cut you any slack at home. I can't believe it took 3 rounds of antibiotics to knock it out. At least now you can sleep on your stomach again.

  3. Hey, cool! My word verification for today is Manti, which they think is a not-real word. Silly them!

    I'm so glad you're feeling better, Love, though I'm sure you aren't quite sleep-on-tummy ready just yet.

  4. Jennie, I had to share this with m family and they were all relieved for you. So was I. That could have been awful.

  5. That bid is hilarious. I can't you imagine trying to explain that one. I've never heard of Bidnapper….I'm gonna have to check that out.

  6. Jen,
    I wish I could have heard your zipper breath while you were in Utah. I was gone to Washington. I remember the first time I bid on ebay for a set of books. I didn't know why I kept getting outbid until it was up to 750.00 and I thought I better stop or J. would have pulled out his beard. Lesson learned.
    check out my lovely summer…
    miss you.

  7. I'm kinda scared of ebay. That would have been some expensive eye concealer! I'm glad the bidding didn't go too high. I will make sure to never ebay while distracted.

  8. I haven't used bidnapper in a while. I've gotten lazy. I just bid my highest amount through ebay and hope for the best. Mostly I don't win. But then, I realize I just don't want to pay more than that, so I probably wouldnt' have won anyway, right?

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