Fun in the afternoon

You might think once your kids are all at school that some afternoon delight might be in order. But there’s a big difference between fun during the day and fun at night: at night you don’t have to worry about the school nurse calling to tell you that your daughter… Read More

Utah makes me sick!

Literally. I’m going on my third week of pneumonia which I caught in Utah at the beginning of my trip. The combination of polluted, dirty air (and I thought Inversion only happened in the winter!), the climate as dry as a bone (my eyes felt like shriveled raisins the whole… Read More

Ten Days

Well, folks, it’s been ten days since I had a Mtn. Dew (or any soda, for that matter). This is quite possibly the longest stretch I’ve ever gone without my high fructose lover (even nursing–I’d just drink them before 3 pm so as not to keep my babies up late.… Read More


Target never ceases to wow me.  Last night as York and I were shopping for supplies for his art class I came across the new skincare line from Boots.  Not only is it so darling, but the lip stuff is actually called Lip Salve.  This is what I have always… Read More

Co-pay? What’s that?

I had to take Jasper to the doctor yesterday. He was rubbing his ear all morning and moaning “ooouuuuch”. It turns out his right ear is so infected that it’s almost hemorraging. I don’t exactly know what that means, but I envision an explsion of goo and pus flying out… Read More