Ten Days

Well, folks, it’s been ten days since I had a Mtn. Dew (or any soda, for that matter). This is quite possibly the longest stretch I’ve ever gone without my high fructose lover (even nursing–I’d just drink them before 3 pm so as not to keep my babies up late. See how thoughtful I am?)

Weirdly, I’m not missing it that much. Mostly because I’ve given up all sugar so I’m much more obsessed with things like candy and ice cream.

I did pass my favorite vending machine yesterday (Randalls grocery store–$1 for a 20 oz. bottle! Bargain!) and was a bit misty-eyed. I’m trying to hold out til Halloween before I have another one. On that day–between the candy and the Mtn. Dew–you can expect a sugar high unparalleled in my 38 years.

Looking forward to it.

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9 thoughts on “Ten Days

  1. I need to cut back on my coke. I did cut it back tremendously when I was pregnant, (though not completely) but other than that I have not been able to cut it back.

    Part of the problem is that alot of other drinks have just as much sugar, even juice! The caffeine is the only real reason to cut back the coke.

  2. I do that, too, with my Coke – go cold turkey and name some day in the future when I will have one. It's sort of worth the deprivation, the anticipation is so much fun.

  3. I too have not had my real Pepsi in about 6 weeks…only Diet—caffiene free, also!! But—between that and the low carb diet, I have lost 10 lbs.!

  4. You can do it. It gets easier as time goes on. Water will be your favorite drink eventually. I've gotten over my obsession for Diet Coke with a splash of "real" Dr. Pepper since January and I can't believe the progress. I was as obsessed with my sodas as you! Good luck! If you like the fizz, sometimes a sparkling water helped me make it through another day.

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