This time of year I’m reminded that I don’t really care for pie.  I kind of like chocolate-y pies, and some lemon pies.  To me the mystery of the universe is pumpkin pie. pie + vegetables = not a chance  I don’t care how much whipped cream you slather on… Read More


Biscuits are my holy grail; the thing I’ve wanted to make perfectly for years.  Decades, actually. I grew up with Bisquik biscuits which are better than those nasty things from a can, but not by much.  I’ve spent the last year trying to find the perfect recipe.  Cook’s Illustrated can… Read More

My afternoon (A Haiku)

Body is aching Standing on tile is painful Chop, stir, pour, boil, cool Counters are sticky Strawberries, sugar, pectin Twenty-seven jars By Hildie | Filed under Baking, Making Stuff 8 Comments Share

Just call me Henny-Penny

Mister, somewhat absent-mindedly, said a few days ago, “I haven’t found any whole-wheat bread here that I like.”  We have bought most brands, and none of them seem to please his palate.  You should know by now that I like my food as devoid of nutrients as possible, so I… Read More

Fun times

I had the most exciting thing happen last night.  It’s exciting for me, but not so thrilling for you.  OK, let me backtrack. A few days ago I saw the most wonderful cake in a magazine.  This cake looked so good, but I couldn’t think of an excuse to make… Read More

Easy as pie

I hate that saying because making pie is really complicated.  Maybe that’s what the phrase is supposed to mean.  That something is very complicated and time-consuming.   I don’t really care much for pie; particularly fruit pies (why would someone want fruit in their dessert–unless it’s lemons?)   But I… Read More