This time of year I’m reminded that I don’t really care for pie.  I kind of like chocolate-y pies, and some lemon pies.  To me the mystery of the universe is pumpkin pie.

pie + vegetables = not a chance 

I don’t care how much whipped cream you slather on top, it still tastes healthy and vegetal. How I wish that cookies were the tradition at Thanksgiving.  

Because I have a deep eternal adoration for cookies of all sorts.
Cookies make my world go round.
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9 thoughts on “Pie

  1. I absolutely agree with you. That is exactly how I feel, and pie can’t compare with a fresh baked cookie of any kind!

  2. I totally agree! Somehow my mom had a chocolate cake which was to die for!!! so I didn’t have to go without dessert! (Plus she had a bunch of cookies on hand…what a woman!! (which is probably why I couldn’t eat as much turkey…cookies were too tempting!

  3. Well, I do love pie. Not pumpkin, and only your apple. But I love all kinds of choclatey pies, berry pies, pecan pies, cream pies….yes, pies work for me. But cookies are good too.

  4. Yep. It should be a rule!

    no veggies and pastry crust

    (although there are those horticulturists who argue that gourds are fruit since they produce seeds in their pulp…but that’s probably splitting hairs…)


  5. I love pie. Pecan, apple, and pumpkin. Your cream pies I can live without. It’s really just glorified pudding as far as I can tell. I don’t even care for whip cream. As far as cookies, they have to be warm, or loaded with frosting to be a temptation.
    I’d say cake would be number one. But only, really, really good cake. (Like the kind Jennie makes)

  6. I also felt like the pie was a little too much for me this year, I did opt out of making it and instead did classic chocolate chip cookies. I was sure that the rest of the family would think that I was nutty for not bringing a pie, but you are not alone in just wanting cookies. We didn’t have any left to bring back home.

    Long live the cookies.

  7. We bought pies. Lazy, I know… My favorite way to enjoy one. This year, I went for the cupcakes instead! Cookies & cupcakes are in a close tie for my most favorite dessert.

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