The Kids Get Mission Calls

As you probably know by know, we’re Mormon. And one of the rites of passage for Mormons is going on a mission when young adults turn 18 or 19 years old (it’s strongly encouraged for boys–being the fools that they are–but optional for girls). Part of the reason is to tell people about Jesus and all that traditional missionary sort of thing. Part of it is to help them learn to get outside of themselves and serve others; community service being a huge part of missions. I can’t think of many teenagers who don’t need a big fat dose of “you’re not the center of the universe”. Part of a mission is just to help kids learn to work hard, do what’s right and solidify their belief in Christ and all that’s good in the world.

Missions are paid for by the missionary and his family. It’s pro-rated by the church so every missionary pays the exact same thing ($400 per month) whether he’s living in Tokyo or a tiny village in Guatemala. The prospective missionaries do not get to chose where they will serve. They go where the Church needs them. Physical, mental and emotional  considerations are taken into account and church leaders prayerfully decide where each prospective missionary will go.  It’s always a total thrill to open the letter (referred to as “a mission call”) to find out where in the world the missionary will be going. It’s always a big joke that you’ll end up going where you don’t want to go. Or to Idaho, which is laughed about as being the lamest place to serve a mission. Although everyone I know who has gone on a mission in Idaho has absolutely loved it. But Idaho and Utah are always the butt of everyone’s jokes.

India and York have both decided to go on missions (in common Mormon parlance it’s referred to as “serving a mission”).  The paperwork and preparations take a couple of months and India had planned to go before York. But she ended up studying in London last semester and it was just too big of a pain to get everything done while she was overseas. So it ended up that York and India turned their paperwork in at the exact same time once India got back. Due to the huge amount of prospective missionaries, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll get assigned at the same time.


But they did get their calls at the same time! We invited a bunch of friends over to watch them open their calls. And here is my super high quality collage of the happy event. Before you watch it, let me tell you that India was kind of hoping to stay in the U.S. She was also a little nervous to learn a foreign language.  York wanted to go anywhere but Africa. Why, I don’t know. He just really, really wanted to go anywhere but there.


So they’ll be going to adjoining missions in Sao Paulo, Brazil! How crazy is that? They both will leave on September 9th to go to the Missionary Training Center in Brazil. If they get their visas in time; that is the big question mark right now. The Brazilian consulate in Houston seems to be one of the speedier ones, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed!

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  1. “Part of it is to help them learn to get outside of themselves and serve others; community service being a huge part of missions. I can’t think of many teenagers who don’t need a big fat dose of “you’re not the center of the universe”.

    This is an aspect of missions that I had never considered, but it makes so much sense. Thank you for always being willing to explain aspects of Mormon life that may be unfamiliar to non-Mormons.

  2. Congrats! That will make getting ready a little easier….the same country to prep for! My 3rd son just got his call, and also leaves in Sept, for Nicaragua! My first thought was jungles and drugs and war. But he’s very excited! My other 2 sons both went to different missions in Mexico.

  3. My dad served his mission in Brazil back when the whole country was one mission!! Nothing like airplane rides for transfers! Congrats to your kids and yay for Guarana and Feijoada. (soda pop and black bean stew)

  4. Congrats.. I served in Brazil and my Niece just got back from Sao Paulo Interlagos (I think) about 6 weeks ago. They are going to love it.. Brazil has the best missions in the world. Congrats to both of them and wow.. amazing that they are going to be so close, yet so far.. maybe they will run into each other at the temple… 🙂

  5. I served in São Paulo Interlagos. If she wants to check out my mission blog to read more about it, or ask me any questions, I’m happy to answer them. She needs really good shoes and to start doing resistance training for her legs. SO many new sisters went home early with knee and ankle injuries because of all the uphill and downhill walking. Great shoes are a must! And tell her not to bring anything she doesn’t want to handwash in a bucket! And to meet the most loving, wonderful people on planet earth 🙂

  6. These kids are in for the time of their lives! I served in the SP South mission over 15 years ago and it is the best place on earth!

  7. I saw the article in Deseret News. Congratulations to your kids! I love how they were assigned to the same area. Makes me think of how important siblings are.

    And hello from a former Slfd Ward member! (The one with twins and triplets in the family.:) )

  8. that is so awesome, they should email me if they ever have time, I am going to be in the interlagos mission, and leave July 29th. Congrats!! Email is Hopefully we can get and touch and I’ll see you in Brazil!

  9. Parabens! Que legal! I heard about this via Deseret News and felt immediate nostalgia for my mission in Sao Paulo North. One area of our mission (now part of the new Sao Paulo West Mission) had a few areas where the mission boundaries weren’t clear, so we kept running into the Interlagos Elders. They’re both in for the best experience of their lives—Sao Paulo has the best missions, best areas, best people, and is just a blast. I may be biased, of course. But it really is an amazing city (and surrounding areas). I would go back in a heartbeat.

    President James E. Faust reportedly said that the Lord hears prayers in all languages but answers in Portuguese.

    Best of luck to them both!

  10. I saw this when you posted but didn’t have a chance to comment- but it just showed up in my facebook newsfeed via LDS Living! 🙂
    I think this is awesome and I totally teared up when she checked the mail, and when they read their letters. I love this for your kids!! 🙂
    My brother and I are two years apart and planned to go together and everything…but then I got married at 19 instead, haha…

  11. Congrats to your kids!! Very exciting! I just adored your post on teenagers and weekends. You are absolutely hilarious!

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