Preparedness Week 20–Bleach and Duct Tape

Whoa. Weird. Bleach and duct tape??? Just to clear up any confusion, these two items don’t go together. They’re both just really great things to have on hand in an emergency situation.

Bleach is not just for clothes, you know. It’s the best disinfectant there is. If you’ve got water that needs some purifying, or a table that has all sorts of cooties on it, bleach is your poison.  It’s nice and cheap so make sure you get a couple of bottles.

Duct tape is one of those things that comes in handy a million times.  You might think you’ve got a roll kicking around, but get another one anyway. I know you might be tempted to get the cute kind with rainbows or Hello Kitty, but splurge on the giant roll of silver stuff. You’ll be glad in the long run.

This is an easy week and you can get these items anywhere!

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