Preparedness Week 9–Toilet Paper

Being prepared isn’t just about food and water!

Toilet Paper is something every single person needs and nobody wants to run out of. If you don’t feel like buying toilet paper then make sure you’ve got a lot of leaves in your backyard!

Toilet paper is bulky so it can be a pain to store if you are short on space. It’s such an important item, though, so try to find a way.

I recommend 6-18 rolls per person. Think how often your family goes through a roll and you will probably want to err on the side of too many rolls. It’s also one of the few things you can store in your garage since it won’t be affected by the hot weather, so keep that in mind. And it never gets rotten so there’s no excuse not to have a bunch of T.P. on hand.

Remember not to put this off! Just throw a big package of toilet paper in your cart every time you go to the store this week. Make it simple and get it done!

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