Makeup Monday–Bad Packaging

I recently bought a new mascara by Tarte. It came highly recommended on Makeup Alley (if you don’t consult Makeup Alley before you buy makeup, then you are really missing out) and it was 40% off at Ulta the day I happened to be there. Imagine my surprise when I opened it up to try it on and found this:

 photo 32970795-3856-4222-aacb-354204c82e31_zps9aaec5f5.jpg

Yeah, it’s fake alligator-ish leather. This isn’t some kind of case to hold the mascara tube, this is the mascara tube. It’s supposed to be swanky, I guess. Really it’s slightly awkward with a seam down the sides.

Mostly, though, I’m just slightly embarrassed because all I can think when I pick it up is that it looks like a fancy tampon case. ┬áSeriously, Tarte, what were you thinking?

P.S. The mascara is excellent, by the way.

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3 thoughts on “Makeup Monday–Bad Packaging

    1. I actually really like this mascara! It was on a one day special at Ulta marked down to almost half price so I really like it now! Although I’m not sure that I would cough up $20 for it at normal price.

  1. HA! That is so true. Now you mention it it’s hard to forget!
    Glad you still like the mascara, and I’m not just filled with envy, as Tarte has finally made the leap across the pond!


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