Preparedness Week 7–Water


Do you guys remember this skit on Sesame Street? I seriously remember this one. You don’t want to end up like Luis, do you? Crawling across a barren soundstage in search of water?  Of course you don’t. In case you didn’t already know this, water is THE most important item in your food storage.  You can survive for quite a while without food (I’m not saying you’ll be in a good mood, but you won’t be dead), but you can only make it about three days before you keel over from dehydration.

It’s so easy to be complacent about water. We just turn on a faucet and voilà, there it is all clean and sparkly.  But only a dummy thinks things will always be thus. Water supplies can get contaminated and cut off  incredibly easily. It doesn’t even need to be the zombie apocalypse! Water shortages and improper filtration are problems that happen in America all the time. Texas is always in a drought. Maybe this summer will get bad enough to ration our drinking water, who knows?

All I’m saying is that water is so very important.

So get at least a dozen water bottles per person in your family. If you can swing it, storage-wise, get a flat of 36 water bottles per person. You will not regret it!

The good news is that water is cheap and you definitely won’t be breaking the bank this week.

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2 thoughts on “Preparedness Week 7–Water

  1. Oh, Man! The old Sesame St. was the greatest! I had such a crush on Luis!

    Also, Mia Culpa! I don’t have any water! I left my 50 gallon drum at your house! So this week I will get a new one and fill it up! (Ari still has her drum, but I think it’s still empty.) Thanks for the reminder! Bottled water, I’m not so sure. I have stored a case for 4 years, and looked at it the other day. All the bottles have shrunk and crumpled a little. I don’t know where the water’s going!

  2. I fully intend to get *some* water, but I’m also picking up some purification tablets… because let’s be honest, the food will probably last long after the water runs out, but the purification tablets will help!

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