2 thoughts on “Hey Mormon Ladies!

  1. Great post, Hildie – I can’t imagine how painful it can be as a RS Prez to get it organised and done, considering how painful it can be at times for me to do it (the giving or receiving!)

  2. Hildie,

    You are a breath of fresh air! I am also a Morm out here in Ammon, ID, so I am looking for blogs in Austin trying to get a feel for the culture and I stumbled onto yours. We, my little Mormon family are moving South and secretly I am a bit scared! Not that I haven’t ever left or that I am attached to “the bubble” but I have no idea where to start our life there. The hubbins is taking a fellowship for Nursing and will be gone crazy hours paying the dues for his next graduate program, so that leaves me and two tiny ladies to trailblaze. So many questions like what neighborhood is good? Where can we go to play? What’s the best way to find community? Reading your blog made me so dang happy, so real, stated exactly perfect without the fluff. It reminded me of how excited I am to be around Texas ladies who get the big picture and have enough gumption to be honest about what is up! Thank you for giving me inspiration and excitement back for this move.

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