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I don’t suppose I need to tell you about all the drama that conspired when I was trying to fix up India’s Homecoming dress. When you are Mormon you can almost never find a formal dress that is modest enough. Since all high school girls are out to look as trampy as possible, that’s what designers cater to. India went out shopping at the mall and had zero luck. She finally stopped by Ross and found a dress that was semi-modest and only cost $17. But it was about 5 inches too short and had no sleeves. While I personally don’t have a problem with sleeveless dresses, their are a lot of Mormons who do. The technical rule is that “shoulders must be covered”. Some people read into that and decide that a girl must be able to wear a hanes t-shirt underneath for it to be qualified as modest. But I have a more liberal view. Ultimately I left the choice up to India who decided that the dress needed some small sleeves; she wants to be a good example for all the younger Mormon girls. Which meant more work for me. And then there’s the whole skirt-length issue (who are these parents who let their daughters out of the house looking so slutty?) But I’m just sewing my way to a mansion in Heaven, right?

After finishing the version 1 of “India’s Modest Homecoming Dress” I realized that it looked terrible. The fabric I chose to add on–a lovely organza–was simply too stiff and made the skirt look preposterous. So at 2 pm (she had to be at the football stadium, fully dressed at 6:30) I went back to the fabric store and started at square one. I guess the Lord was throwing me a bone because I found some matching lace that looked pretty darn good. I managed to modestize the dress, do India’s hair and makeup and have her out the door on time. Phew! If I had actually been using my brain I would have bought a second dress at Ross and cannibalized it so the fabric would have matched perfectly. But like most days I forgot to turn my brain on.

In the evening we took all the kids, plus my sister in law who was in town (and her sister, and her niece) and went to the high school football game. During halftime Mister walked India out onto the field, along with the other Homecoming Royalty. The King and Queen are chosen from among the Princes and Princesses and crowned at the game. They gave us no idea ahead of time who would win. Some of the kids (the football players and cheerleaders) got really huge cheers from the crowd when they walked out which made me kind of sad inside because how can normal people like India compete against that? I mean, I would take India over a cheerleader any day. No offense to you cheerleaders and football players out there, but I would be pretty disappointed if one of my kids chose that path. Here in Texas it’s considered The Best Thing In The World. It really is like becoming royalty. And although we know a couple of great cheerleaders and football players, for the most part they are bratty jerks. It’s the culture that reinforces that behavior. It’s especially sad since you know a lot of those people peak in high school.

Anyway, Mister and India walked out with the other royalty. Eventually the king was announced and it was India’s boyfriend! Which meant that most likely that India would be the queen. But not necessarily. I mean, it would be super awkward to have another girl be the queen but it certainly is a possibility.  But then the announcer boomed over the loudspeaker, “and now the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the 2013 Homecoming Queen is  . . . . . [he waited about 30 seceonds]. . . . India!”

She won!!! I almost passed out! Never in my imagination would I have guessed that India would be a Homecoming Queen. Don’t get me wrong, as a child she is pretty much the ideal. She’s obedient and studious and never complains. She’s also funny, kind, pretty and incredibly smart. But those sorts of qualities rarely are acknowledged in high school.  And add to that the fact that she’s a choir girl (the choir president, to be exact) and her boyfriend is in the marching band; not exactly your typical Queen and King. But there aren’t two kids at school who are nicer and who deserve it more.

As we left the game she was a little hestiant to walk by “the cool kids”. When I asked her why, she replied, “they’ll probably say ‘Why did India win?'”. I stopped and looked and her. “India, you won because the most people voted for you. You have every right to be Homecoming Queen. And if anyone even suggest that you don’t deserve to win just look them in the eyes and say, “talk to the crown!”

India queen cropped

PS. Of course my iphone is a piece of crap that won’t focus anymore so I have only the most terrible shots from the actual Homecoming game. (And I forgot the charge the battery of my good camera.)  So I had to rely on some of the other parents who have it more together than I do. Story of my life.

Homecoming royalty 2013

P.P.S. The ultimate bummer is that the Homecoming King had a band competition in Houston the next day and she had to go to the dance all by herself.

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10 thoughts on “Behold Your Queen

  1. The homecoming queen — alone at the dance?!?!?!?! I certainly hope plenty of smart guys asked her to dance. (What’s that song… “Everybody run! the Homecoming Queen’s got a gun!”…so you had better dance with her!

    What a gorgeous girl!

  2. This is great news to have a bee-utiful girl with those “Hildegard” eyes (a wonderfully inventive and adorable woman married to Henry Nicholes, my BY High School chemistry teacher. What good Austrian genes are showing in this great grandaughter ! I love what her mother Hildie did for her sleeveless dress to make her look “queenly covered” (a la world history of the greats) and not just flaunting skin. Yes it is a good idea to canabalize two dresses–have done it myself with great results. Glad you found good lace–looks really coutrier-made. Lucky daughter!
    Love to all Nicholes descendants, etc.

  3. Hi Jennie,
    I’m impressed with India’s desire to be a good example. I felt something of Hildegard in her actions. I was wondering if you knew of the transcription of some of Hildegard’s diaries that span 1958 to 1972. If not perhaps you and India might be interested in them. When this mission is over I will finish the diaries that have not been recorded. Some of the ink is very blurred so its a slow process. I have come to appreciate her courage and determination during very trying times. It has been an inspiring journey for me.

    Love, Aunt Dorothy

  4. I hope, India, you get written up in the New Era! What a wonderful example for all LDS girls out there. Your Mom is a great writer, maybe even as good as your Grandmother Davis who is the best writer I know.
    Love, LaRee Farrar

  5. Congratulations, India! It sounds like you’ve got a lot of “smart” youth at your school that were smart enough to vote for someone well deserving. You’re a beautiful young lady with many wonderful qualities that make you stand out as an exceptional young lady amongst your peers and others. I’m so happy for you and your bright future and look forward to meeting you someday. 🙂
    P.S. I’m a relative, Marilyn Nicholes. I’m married to one of your Grandma Lorie’s brothers….one of the “twins.” (Richard)

  6. I aready submitted long PRAISES and praises. I don’t know where they went! India is surely wonderful.But look at who made the ribbon for the PRINCHESS! There is no H in Princess! Somehow, in highschool being the SOMETHING pointed to as the ideall WHATEVER is a very big thing. And then along comes a modest,kind very smart and Lovely Hildegard with Grea tGrama Hildegard eyes and now what have we??

    HURRAH FOR DECENCY! When I first saw this, this noon, there were pornographic images advertized ” for men only” shown all over the right side of the screen. The cute King has his crown on the back of his head like he’s warmed up for the winter., not straight tothe eyebrows like Medieval kings. Modern kings are always a little vbit fluffy headed and funny! Looks like a very nice guy. Lov e from
    Carma de ong Anderson, Provo, Utah

  7. Jennie,

    I loved this post and I just laugh to myself when I think of you experiencing all this traditional Texas greatness! Who would of thought it back in the days? India is lovely and you did a fantastic job on her dress. I battle with my daughters over the official dress code here in France (almost EVERYONE dresses like a 16 year old tart). Thanks for the encouraging example.

  8. I was telling my in-law family all about India’s being up for homecoming queen, and emphasizing how she is smart and studious and kind and in choir and not necessarily your average cheerleader popular type. And then when I told everyone she won, you should have seen my niece’s face (who is a cheerleader)…..PRICELESS!!! (I hope she got something out of hearing that. She is in danger of becoming one of those bratty types you talked about.)

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