I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

Last Friday I went to work out with my friend, Anna. We’ve been going to Crossfit for about four months and we totally love it. Friday’s workout included box jumps which consist of–get ready for this–jumping onto a wooden box. With both feet at the same time. The boxes look like this:

wooden box

Mine wasn’t very tall but on the very last jump I managed to get my food caught in the handle and I came crashing down onto my left elbow. To say it hurt may have been the biggest understatement of my life. I immediately demanded that Anna take me to the hospital. Turns out my elbow hadn’t broken (yay!). It was just dislocated about three inches out of place. No wonder the dang thing hurt so badly!!!

The only amusing part of my little foray to the hospital was when the doctor came in and sat down beside me. She looked right at my chest and said, “two big breasts!” All I could think was, “well, I guess so but what does that have to do with my elbow?”  And then I noticed she was holding a stethoscope. Ooooh, two big breaths. That makes a lot more sense.

The doctor, who did not seem obsessed with my boobies after all, completely knocked me out when it was time to pop my elbow back into place, and I woke up with a partial cast from my knuckles to my armpit.

 photo 4d7341d9-1914-4d0d-8e2c-d133009ad3b8_zps1dd4a6ce.jpg


It’s mostly just sore and achy now. I’m going to the orthopedist tomorrow to see what my long term verdict will be. I can hardly wait to see under all these bandages; I’ll bet I’ve got a horrifying bruise. But in the mean time I’m a little peeved at all of the things I can’t do one-handed such as drive (York has his permit, though, so that makes us a good team), blow my nose (think about it. Blowing your nose with one hand is just all wrong), and licking yummy food off of my left fingers. Can’t get them near my mouth, darn it! Also, it took a while to type this post. If I angle my arm just right I can reach the shift key, and letters a, s & w with my left pointy finger. You won’t be getting any detailed blog posts for a while. But I will be sure to include all disgusting photos.

P.S. Kudos to Anna, who not only took me to the hospital but also accompanied me to my colonoscopy a couple of months ago. True friendship, right there. And I didn’t even take her to get her mole removed last month! Shame on me!

7 thoughts on “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

  1. So Sorry.. I hope you feel better.. That whole jumping on the box seems tough, bet its a heck of a workout though… Get better soon, so you can write more posts.. 🙂 j/k

  2. I had to laugh when I read about the 2 big breaths questions. I work in primary care and have thought how awkward that sounds just to say “2 big breaths” when listening with a stethescope– I’ve always thought it might get misconstrued! Now I just say in the full Queens’ English: “Can you take a couple big breaths in for me?”. Lol I thought I was the only one who ever thought of this… guess I’m not as unique as I thought! Great blogs– and I just stumbled on this darn thing looking by Googling “Hobby Farm”… Serendipity in action! Great!

  3. I think you were brave to attempt jumping on that small box with both feet! Now I know why I can never do Crossfit. Thank you for confirming and I hope you heal quickly!

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