H.E.B. and Me

If you’ve been reading this blog for more than a couple of months you probably have heard me mention my favorite grocery store, HEB. It’s not a word, it’s initials. The founder was named Howard Edward Butt, an unfortunate name. Mister’s mother grew up in San Antonio and remembers shopping at “H.E. Butt”. I guess they got tired of all the kids tittering about the name and it was shortened at some point into H-E-B. At any rate it’s my very favorite grocery stores and they’re only in Texas. They feature lots of local products and they have good prices. When they got in touch with me a few weeks ago and asked if I’d like to try some of their Primo Picks products I was like, “heck, yeah!”  So they sent me a lovely bag full of goodies.

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Primo Picks are products (mostly local) that HEB thinks are extra good or interesting. Being lovers of sweets, my family gobbled up The Big Chip Cookies first. You know I love cookies. But not store-bought. There is no way I would eat a store-bought chocolate chip cookie. But I tried one of these and–my gosh–they were good! Like, good enough to eat a lot. Chips Ahoy wishes they were this delicious. The entire bag was gone in ten minutes. Not joking.

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The kids were also excited to try the Vintage Soda Pop cake and frosting mixes by Debbie’s. Cake mix is another one of those things that I turn my nose up at. Yes, they’re convenient but they taste so artificial. But this cake mix (made with HEB’s version of Dr. Pepper) was really yummy. Not fake-tasting at all. I would totally keep a couple of theses on my shelf for last minute desserts.

 photo 78550fc2-80b6-49c2-9f96-4b3d707e40e9_zps99ac1904.jpg


Also big hits were the Texas Firecrackers spicy crackers (Jasper ate almost the whole bag himself) and the Better Than Good Bacon Jam. I’m not going to lie–the bacon jam freaked me out a little. I love bacon a lot; in an “eternal soul mate” kind of way. The thought of eating it in a smooshed up, semi-liquid form kind of grossed me out, though.  But I slathered some on a steak and it was great. Mister wanted to serve some with cream cheese and crackers but I kept forgetting to buy cream cheese. I bet it would taste fantastic.

I also liked the tortilla warmer. It’s the thing in the picture with the cheesy illustration of a jalapeño riding an armadillo. I wish it had a simpler illustration, like an outline of Texas or something. But it was super handy for warming up a stack of tortillas and keeping them warm. Since it’s fabric it’s a lot easier to store one of those big plastic tortilla warmers. I’ve been needing something like this for years.

I’ve seen Primo Picks all over HEB in the past but I usually pass them by. I admit that I get stuck in a rut with the food I buy. I don’t want to waste my money on food that my family might not like. Being able to try several Primo Picks was eye-opening. These are pretty great items. If you’re a fellow Texan, you might want to throw a few Primo Picks in your buggy next time you’re at HEB. Try some products and let me know what you think!


*HEB sent me all of these products to try. The opinions are mine.

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4 thoughts on “H.E.B. and Me

  1. Here I am in Texas for a fortnight, and ON A DIET!! Otherwise I’d try some of the Big Chip Cookies. I love Chips Ahoy, and if these are tastier, I had better take a bag home!

  2. And just how did they know to contact you with freebies?? I’ve got to get my name out there for taste testing. Lucky!

    And very cool that they have all those local items at their stores. Harmons here has a lot of cool local items, like artisan cheeses and such. But they’re $$$$! So I rarely indulge.

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