Girls in Blue Dresses with White Satin Sashes

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OK, so it’s only one girl. And it’s not exactly the dress Maria von Trapp was enivisioning. But here is sweet little Ada amongst the bluebonnets. She turns eight on Sunday and this is the dress she’ll wear to the baptism (not during the actual baptism because it’s blue and she has to wear white during the baptism itself. It’s also silk and the water would ruin it).

Now that I think about it this is a really braggy picture. Look at my beautiful daughter in her beautiful dress! Look at this lovely scenery! Isn’t Texas the best? Aren’t you super impressed that there’s a horse in the picture?

The horse isn’t ours, neither are the bluebonnets (thanks for letting us come out to your Ranch, Lisa!) I did make the dress–true–but I made it for India’s baptism and so that makes it a hand-me-down more than an heirloom. (I got Ada to wear it by telling her it matched her eyes.)

There’s a lot of weirdness surrounding posts and pictures on blogs/facebook/instagram. It’s hard to tell where information turns into bragging which turns into obnoxiousness. This is what I’m discussing over at Segullah today. Come and give me your 2ยข!

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8 thoughts on “Girls in Blue Dresses with White Satin Sashes

  1. My daughter will be baptised next month and she begged to wear MY baptism dress- talk about a hand-me-down!! But she’s thrilled and its free…as long as she doesn’t out grow it before she needs it!

  2. and I forgot to add, I really like this picture! The blue dress with the bluebonnets, and the pale blue counters her dark hair very nicely. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I really enjoyed your post on Segullah today; it rang a little too painfully true for me. Thanks for your honesty, and the fire ant story. As a fellow seamstress, please accept my compliments on the blue dress; it’s lovely.

  4. Those flowers look just like grape hyacinth! How can you tell the difference? Or are the the same thing?? Regardless, what a lovely picture of a lovely girl!!!

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