My Wonderful Gift

Remember how last week I was saying that Valentine’s Day is stupid unless it involves giving me a present? And that my husband is super fantastic? Guess what he gave me for Valentine’s Day? The most romantic and beloved of gifts: a new laptop.

You probable don’t remember how my Macbook Air died a slow, tubercular death last May. Well, I do. Every single day I do. Every single time I have to use the kids’ stupid computer in the playroom, I do. Or when Mister let me use his old laptop that was the computer equivalent of an old man with renal failure and Alzheimers. It didn’t even have a battery that worked. Which is part of the reason why my blogging has suffered rather a lot since then.

But now I have a shiny new MacBook Pro that will soon be covered with decals and a cushy cover because I am a smidge hard on laptops.

I was very surprised and touched that Mister would have bought me a new computer, especially since his favorite thing to lecture me about is how poorly I treat electronics (I do not deny it). He also told me that I could get a new computer if I sold all his old crap in the garage on Craigs List/ebay. Whatever! I want to get a new computer not earn one! Jeez! ┬áBut then the truth came out: my new laptop is actually Mister’s old laptop. It is, in seller’s parlance, gently used.


So Mister got himself a new laptop for Valentine’s Day.

Okay, then.

I could choose to be slightly miffed or I can just rejoice that I am back to the land of the living with a laptop that has Photoshop on it. And lots of fancy fonts.

I choose rejoicing.

But don’t get your hopes too up, I’ve still got that whole Relief Society President thing going on.

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