A Very Good Garbage Can

Since we have been talking about presents and how I love them, let me tell you about a present Mister gave me a few years ago: a garbage can. Yeah, I know, lame. I thought so too. Let me backtrack a little. When we moved to Texas we left a house with a trash compactor that I was very fond of. But our new house didn’t have one and we needed a large garbage can for the kitchen. I knew exactly where I wanted to put it but I couldn’t find one the right size that opened how I wanted it to.

So on Christmas Mister gave me a fancy garbage can that was exactly right. Except that it was stainless steel. I so hate stainless steel. I want my kitchen to look cozy and colorful and pretty, not like a restaurant kitchen or an operating room. But the can was exactly right so I figured I’d keep it.

And then I saw the price tag. $149!!! For a garbage can! It’s by SimpleHuman and their stuff is not cheap. I really can’t stomach keeping a present that seems like it’s not a good value (ask me about the Profi Whipped Cream maker Mister gave me several years ago that I love–theoretically–but I still refuse to use because it was $100. All it does is make whipped cream! Not a good value).  But I felt like I’d be bratty and ungrateful if I didn’t keep it. So I did.

Other than the sink, I don’t think there is a single item in our kitchen that gets the workout our garbage can does. And our Simple Human garbage can has performed beautifully. I have even overlooked it’s stainless-steelness. The kids have given it quite a beating, though, and last month the hinge on the lid broke.

I emailed Simple Human and explained the situation. They asked me to send a picture of my broken can and tell them when I had purchased it. I have no idea when, exactly, but I guessed five years ago. Well, wouldn’t you know they have a 10 year warrantee on all their products. So the incredibly wonderful people at SimpleHuman paid for me to send back my old broken can and sent me a gorgeous new one. No receipt required.

 photo f144d435-4196-4e50-b428-34c7517db855_zps8fc789d6.jpg

It’s not quite the same as the old garbage can but it’s close enough. It even has a dirt-and fingerprint-proof coating that my last one didn’t have.  All in all I’m pretty thrilled.

I don’t know that I feel good about spending $150 on a garbage can, even after all that. But we have absolutely gotten our money’s worth. None of our crummy Rubbermaid garbage cans have lasted anywhere near 10 years. If you break it down it’s about $15 per year. That’s not so bad! Knowing I’m buying something that is made by such a customer-friendly company is very comforting. I love Simple Human. You can see the trash can they sent on Amazon.


*Nope. Simple Human did not ask me or pay me to say any of this.


6 thoughts on “A Very Good Garbage Can

  1. I almost bought this garbage can the other day. They had one at Marshall’s for $60 or so and I was tempted. Now, after this review, I feel I had better high tail it back there and see if it is still available. BTW, we have a lame old Rubbermaid can that I hate.

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